Selling in the New Normal with Jeffrey Gitomer

    New Theory CEO, Tom La Vecchia, hosted a virtual interview podcast with his idol and sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, who has sold over 5 million books regarding the sales industry. In this quarantine edition interview, Tom had the opportunity to learn more about Jeffrey and talk about selling in the new normal. To start off, Jeffrey explained he grew up watching the industry evolve, as he had past family members succeed in the business world. Because of this, he was able to gain a stable background. He started as a salesman in New York City and soon wrote his first novel providing readers with sales/business techniques and information. With hard work and dedication, his novels soon became very successful. To build his following, he would make speeches, write in the newspapers, and record himself speaking to be posted online.

    Nowadays, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new normal is created. Tom and Jeffrey both agree that the world will never be the same, or that it will take years to be the same. For example, Jeffrey is increasing his following by going on a Facebook live every day instead of making in-person speeches. Jeffrey also stresses the importance of what to invest in during this time; yourself, your top ten customers, and/or top three or four advisors, and your resources.

    To invest in yourself it means to prioritize what you need in order to be successful for you, your family, and your clients. He advises stopping selling for a while and focus on the customer’s needs/wants in terms of the pandemic. The customers are panicking about these closings, and to offer help during these uncertain times is the way to keep the relationship, rather not make it worse for them by selling to them. While keeping those customer relationships close, it’s important to have a relationship with the local banks, in order to remain economically stable. These resources such as bankers, lawyers, accountants, etc., are important to call and see what they are doing because it can help create ideas for improvement.

    Jeffrey is currently writing a new novel called “The New Normal Course” that is now on a waitlist. This novel goes into detail about what steps to take in order to remain successful during this uncertain time. To get on his waitlist click here.


    • Jen is a contributing writer at New Theory, a student at Marist College, and a life-long New Jersey resident.