SARMs vs. Steroids: What You Need To Know

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    Bodybuilders and other fitness experts cum enthusiasts are increasingly interested in substances, which may be in the form of supplements, that can be used to enhance their performance and deliver a better fitness result. While there are many fitness and performance enhancement drugs in the market, steroids seem to have gained widespread acceptability based on its androgenic action and ability to deliver the desired results in users.

    However, while androgenic steroids have become a common phenomenon in the gym and among fitness enthusiasts, it is important to note that care must be exercised with the consumption of such a compound as this. This is mainly because of the side effects which have been registered in relation to its continued use.

    On the other hand, while steroids lead to several negative side effects in users, SARMs have been revealed to offer the many benefits for which steroids are being used, and with no real side effects. Having proven itself as a worthy adversary and replacement for steroid use, SARMs are beginning to gain more recognition in the fitness world and among enthusiasts.

    The SARMs vs. Steroids war, however, goes deeper than one being better than the other in terms of offering no side effects, there is the need to better understand what each of these substances brings to the table as this is the best way to address the seeming rivalry between both.

    Pre Workout Hydration


    Steroids are synthetic in nature and are designed to mimic the male hormone known as testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for the development of male sexual and physical characteristics such as muscle mass, lean muscle, lowered fat and more. While steroids are human-made and deliver the desired effect, there is the need to also be careful about the use and mode of action. 

    Steroids, classified as performance-enhancing drugs are not allowed on a professional sporting level and this is mainly because it provides users with an undue level of advantage over others. 

    Benefits Of Steroids

    While steroids can be prescribed for the health, there is the need to consider the dosage which has been prescribed for healthy functioning of the body and the dosage which is used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

    The main reason why most people consume steroids is to gain muscle mass. Steroids improve the testosterone levels in the body thus triggering the formation of better muscle mass and also improving strength and endurance. For anabolic steroids, athletes are guaranteed better endurance time, especially when undergoing strenuous exercises.

    Side Effects

    Steroids have been registered to present along with its use a wide range of side effects which are determined by the of consumption. With the huge muscle mass offered comes a higher responsibility in consideration to the health of the user.

    Steroids present some physical side effects which include gynecomastia or deposition of fats in the chest region in men. In addition, men who make use of steroids are known to witness changes in their sexual organs including shrinkage of testicles and development of fertility issues. In addition, users may be exposed to enlarged prostates.

    Women are also not excluded from the side effects which includes deepening of the voice, a development which is mostly irreversible and loss of feminity. In addition, women may witness the enlargement of their clitoris and may start to grow facial hair a lot faster than usual.

    Common Side Effects Presented In Both Men And Women Include;


    A decrease in HDL cholesterol

    Exposure to tendon ruptures and increased risk of tendinitis

    Altered growth and development

    Possible heart problems and blood circulation problems


    Increased LDL cholesterol

    Tumors and liver abnormalities


    SARMs, on the other hand, are known to work differently compared to anabolic steroids. SARMs are incredibly specific in their mode of action, binding to androgen receptors on a cellular level and increasing the production of testosterone that is particular and specific to muscles and bones.

    SARMs present a wide range of benefits which matches and surpasses those presented by anabolic steroids and in addition, presents users with none of the negative and long term side effects associated with steroid use.


    SARMs are used for getting specific results such as cutting, bulking and drying. There are many benefits associated with the use of SARMs and this includes;

    • Loss of weight without the necessary loss of muscle mass
    • Improved endurance ability making athletes las longer in the gym and be able to work out more
    • Prevents muscle wasting and also improves recovery time by up to 50 percent
    • Increase the development of lean muscle

    SARMs have become a better and reliable option for bodybuilders as it offers no real and long term side effects both in men and women. However, for the best result, it is recommended that the substance be used in cycles. To learn more about the cutting and bulking cycles, go to these guys.