Rueful Realizations

    - Valid

    Rueful Realizations

    I am afraid

    Of leaving this life scarred and scathed.

    How boring, bizarre and safe.

    I need to start emboldening the brave.

    I am ashamed

    To be named

    Tartaglia and behave as I do.

    When’s the overall purpose ‘spose to guide you?

    I must continue to give you a clue.

    I have secrets and here is the truth,

    Italian roots make me think you a mook.

    Perfecting my poetry; this flow is no fluke.

    V-Money makes Valid look funny.

    High school; talking getting every honey

    This is a letter from me,

    To you before I bid adieu…

    This final verse is deliberate

    to prove that I’m not illiterate.

    This gutsy glock obliterate

    The current life I was living.

    Until today I thought life was unforgiving.


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