Ross Victory Inspires Readers To Use Love To Heal Tragedy

    Ross Victory has arrived on the scene with his personal memoir Views From the Cockpit which is the heartfelt soul expression of his life history, beginning as a journal entry and becoming an incredible dialogue of memories of love, loss, strength and turbulence in the life of a young boy on his journey into manhood. The title alone describes Victory’s time with his father watching planes takeoff and return to the airport while sharing heartfelt moments and lessons in life, love, and success.

    Victory is a man who has explored the depths of his own soul on a journey to freedom from tragic events which have happened in his life. He often alludes to “inner work” and “outer work” which he has carefully integrated into his life, an introspection which marks the beauty of his character and determination to succeed despite any objects that have clouded his path. “I decided to title my book Views From the Cockpit…the Journey of a Son to encapsulate the memories of me and my dad watching airplanes take off from Los International Airport (LAX.) Sundays after church we would go out there and airplane watch – watch them come in, watch them hit their mark in landing, and that’s where the title came from … airplanes are on a journey, we are all on a journey, and in our lives it’s all about – What do you see for yourself? How are you navigating storms? How are you leaning into the wind drafts and things that will get you through the rough patches?”

    In terms of rough patches, Ross Victory is no stranger to tragedy. He has lost both his older brother and beloved father to cancer. He has experienced the separation of his parents after thirty years of marriage. He has witnessed his father deteriorate in hospice, with severe elder abuse taking a forefront in that experience…. and yet, Ross Victory walks a path of grace and love. He dreams of a day where he can use his experience and progress to help other people, and particularly other black men, to take hold of their own mental health, find happiness where there may otherwise be none, and seek solace in the journey of life itself. Victory is also a sincere humanitarian, using his platform to advocate for the homeless. A Los Angeles native, he recognizes the great disparity between what is perceived as the ‘problem of homelessness’ by politicians and city officials, and the actual fact that living, breathing human beings of every age, race, and religion are living in squalor on the streets of Los Angeles with very little assistance, and absolutely zero love or humane outreach.

    For a story with such deep tragedy, the golden line throughout the story is the hope and love marking the relationship between Ross Victory and his father. Victory’s writing is fearless, inspirational and organically descriptive. “Over the next 25 years, we would go on to form a bond that strongly revolved around being bold – inspiring each other, taking risks, and pontificating on the meaning of life. My dad was motivated by spending quality time (and quantity,) and constructing small moments. He was modest in some sense and did not require fancy gifts or elaborate expressions of affection, although he gave and enjoyed them – but mostly he asked for time. While other boys were playing football and basketball, my dad was teaching me how to play chess. We were putting together one-thousand-piece puzzles and collecting library cards on road trips. That is to say, I was not keen on sports but gravitated to gentler, more intellectual activities. These interests were fed and validated by my dad. Creating moments and memories through quality time was what he sought to do and what he later asked as I grew up. Time. That’s all. More valuable than money and words.”

    Ross Victory is the bearer of hope wrapped in relatable moments and small but assured triumphs which have created the confident, graceful, and elegant man that he is today. As a thirty-something millennial, his wise messaging gets to the crux of the matter without holding back. “How do we get strangers to just start smiling at each other again?” he asks. “I don’t know if that begins on the political level. I don’t know if that starts with a corporation. I think it can just start with me. I’m smiling. I’m going to be the best representative of myself, and I have mirrored that within the pages of this book.” An avid traveler, Victory has explored over five continents and yet is still able to perfect his messaging within the simplest context. “Love starts with one person, one home, or one community – together we can help each other by being the very best versions of ourselves, and we can only do that once we have each healed as individuals.” Views From The Cockpit – The Journey of a Son, a Memoir by Ross Victory will be available in hard copy and e-book on Amazon and through Barnes & Noble books as well as in local Los Angeles bookstores. Fans and press can connect with Ross Victory at and through his social media outlets. This beautiful story of a father and son can change the world, starting with each lucky individual who picks up a copy. The name Ross Victory will be followed by a lifelong legacy of hope, determination, and love.

    Views From The Cockpit is available for pre-orders now:


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