Revealing the Writer to the Readers

    - Journal Entries by Valid

    I feel trapped in a contradictory lifestyle. My mind is forward thinking while my body moves at a snail’s pace. I’m thinking of my morbid memories in life and I feel nothing, I feel numb. I believe I stalled my progress in grief by not taking the time to miss Nancy. My mother was the angel I never knew I had. Vincent John is no more, for anger trapped Mom’s little Veej deep inside the pain of growing up with Cerebral Palsy. I’ve always been afraid of losing the potential in my body long before my wisdom withers in old age. Yet I continue to chase my dream of living life happy. I’ve been dormant for years, I’m ready to open my mind and understandings to life’s beauty. For life is truly beautiful, but still too short.

    Part of the New Theory Poetry Series.


    • Twenty two years old with too much experience when it comes to hardship. I've used both music and poetry to shine light to the darkness that I've endured. For nine years I've written and recorded rap lyrics. Now working with New Theory to provide you with reality rhymes within BalladsbyValid's poetry.