Qualities You Should Look For In A Sales Hire

    When a new position opens up on a sales team, hiring managers will often prioritize the presence of sales skills over sales personality in prospective candidates. While having important knowledge behind their belt may provide an applicant with a short-term advantage, the lack of certain soft skills may cause them losses in the long-term. To be successful in sales, having a strong personality is everything, but strong doesn’t mean behaving in an arrogant or conceited manner – it means harnessing an approachability and trustworthiness that will inspire clients to connect.  Read on further for insight into the most important soft skills to look for, and how to test for these skills.


    An assertive salesperson will guide their client through the call in a way that exudes confidence without seeming coercive or like they’re just in it for the sale. Most customers become defensive when faced with a sales shark, therefore its important for employees to find the right balance between forcefulness and understanding the client’s concerns. If a prospective client or customer appears to be dodging follow up calls – it’s important to continue trying to reach them without becoming passive or making assumptions about their intentions. At the same time, employees must be able to respect “no” when they receive it.

    Sense Of Urgency

    One of the major benefits of sales aptitude tests is that they can help determine a prospective hire’s best role on a large sales team — from hunters to farmers. All strong salespeople are aware that there’s an ideal window for closing a sale; wait too long, and the opportunity passes. When a client’s interest is peaked, after all their questions have been answered, this is best time to make an ask and it is likely when they’re going to provide the most favourable response. Someone who lacks a sense of urgency though, may not be able to sense when this window is starting to close, or may fumble with making the ask altogether, causing their efforts to be wasted. Many employers find it challenging to know whether a prospective hire carries a well-developed sense of urgency to each call until they’re put on one, which is why managers will utilize sales aptitude tests, such as those available through providers like SalesTestOnline, to measure this trait.


    In order to sell a service or product, one must be able to put themselves in the shoes of the consumer. They must be able to empathize with a client’s struggle, listen to their needs attentively, and consider which solution they can offer that provides them with the most benefits. It might not be the option that makes the sales enterprise the biggest amount of revenue right away, but the client may be more likely to return after a positive experience, fostering customer loyalty.


    Working in sales offers employees and exciting and fast paced career, provided they can approach both the calls at the beginning and end of the work day with an equal amount of enthusiasm. Having stamina is not only valuable but necessary for those working in the industry; salespeople must be aware enough to know when to pace themselves, so each client gets the attention they deserve.


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