PyroPet Candle Review

    New Theory checks out the PyroPet

    Are you a candle lover like I am? Well if you are you should buy a PyroPet Candle. I am always looking for new unique ways to decorate my house, and candles are a must-have in my home. Candles are fabulous, just like cats. What PyroPet did is they made a candle in the shape of a cat! Awesome right!? They have different animals and things, for everyone’s personal liking. One of the very cool things about Pyropet candle it’s that just because it has burned down, it doesn’t mean it’s done, underneath that awesome candle you there is a skeleton! A cute decoration you can keep to add some funky charm to your home!

    I got the candle PyroPet Candle Cat. Cats are cute – especially as candles. But also a bit scary, which I love. Especially when the Pyropet candle starts to burn down and reveals a metal cat skeleton. First, you will have a cute polygonal cat with a wick in its head. When you light the wick, it’s a sweet, burning cat. And as the cute little kitty melts, the wax runs away and reveals what was hidden all along: The cat’s scary metal skeleton!

    Facts about PyroPet Candle Cat

    Cute candle in the shape of a cat – the candle wax hides a scary metal skeleton.

    Every candle is unique

    Burning time: 20 hours


    The “skeleton” is made of metal

    Dimensions: 16.5 x 11 x 7 cm

    We recommend placing the cat candle on a plate

    Pyropet website:





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