Purchase Satellite Imagery

    Satellite Imagery is not as expensive as you think. Receive high-resolution satellite images powered from NORAD data.

    High Resolution vs. Low Resolution

    When you need a high or low-resolution image, SpyMeSat delivers clear and vibrant pictures to our customers. Our satellite images provide capabilities of 5m or higher, with information issued from NORAD. Having access to higher resolution imagery gives customers better quality and a better experience. SpyMeSat acquires images from commercial or government satellites from other countries. These images can be obtained from anyone, regardless of the age of the image. However, some classified satellites have specific orbit information that is not always found on the SpyMeSat app.


    SpyMeSat uses advanced technology to provide you with the best images. We gain images from three satellites, including DigitalGlobe, Planet, and KOMPSAT. With the images from these three satellites, you can get accurate latitude and longitude on the Earth. The typical precision of our pictures is 5m or better.

    Satellite Image Gallery

    SpyMeSat customers have access to hundreds of archived images. Our image gallery includes historical images and global-scale changes. You can find just about any image that interests you.

    Image Purchase Pricing

    Our customers have full access to recent and past commercial satellite images with the best quality. Our image prices can fit anyone’s budget. With satellite images ranging from $10 to $100 per image depending on the resolution, size, and age, you can ensure you receive the image you need.  Customers also have the option to view image resolution before opting to purchase them. If you do not find what you are looking for, continue browsing our library. When you find the image you are looking for, download it in the SpyMeSat mobile app. The image is downloaded in seconds in a JPEG format. However, some images are available to be sent via email in the GeoTIFF format. Purchase satellite imagery with us today. 

    Purchase Images of Specific Locations

    Below are the steps to purchase an image from a specific location in the SpyMeSat mobile app:

    1.     Find and set your location in your SpyMeSat mobile app.
    2.     Tap the “SpyMeSat” icon on the bottom of the main page to view the “Satellite Imagery.”
    3.     Select “Search” to pull up low-resolution image previews on the “Available Satellite Imagery.”
    4.     Available images of your specific selected location will appear.
    5.     Once you choose the image, you can select “1Km” or “2Km” to determine the image size. You can also view information regarding the “Date Acquired” and the which satellite that took the picture.
    6.     Now, you can preview the image before purchasing it. Select “Buy Image” on the “Available Image” page.
    7.     Next, log in to the SpyMeSat app or create an account – this allows you to sync your information across devices and share cloud storage.
    8.     If you do not want to log in or create an account, you can select “Continue Purchase” to buy this image anonymously.
    9.     Lastly, enter your Apple ID password to confirm your purchase. The image will be downloaded in the SpyMeSat app on the “Satellite Imagery” page under “View.”

    You can see any image that you have purchased to view the picture in full screen. Once you do this, you can share the image via social media or email. 


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