Poetry by Lost As Alice

    ~Bright Love~

    Your smile is the light

    that brightens up my

    darkest day. 

    ~Nicole Marie 

    ~Love Story~

    There are no words to 

    describe this love I feel 

    inside my heart is surrounded 

    by butterflies. Your touch 

    sends shivers down my spine 

    your kiss makes me feel high. 

    Your my drug your beautifully 

    broken like me but somehow 

    our broken pieces fit together

    so perfectly as if we were always 

    meant to be. 

    ~Nicole Marie 

    ~*A Letter By Alice*~

    Hateful words spin around 

    these halls do you hear 

    them whisper? Do you hear 

    them laugh? 

    I am kind but I am silent

    I keep to myself does this 

    make me weird? Why do they care? 

    These thoughts spin around in my 

    mind but yet you all still seem 

    to be unkind. 

    I sit alone in my room I cry and scream 

    into my pillow do you hear my screams? 

    Do you see that I’m in pain? 

    Your hateful words are your weapon you aim 

    and then you fire to anyone who would listen. 

    My pain isn’t humorous but neither are the 

    things that you’ve said. 

    So today I shall smile through this pain 

    I promise one day my smile will be real 

    and on that day you will see that your 

    words no longer have any effect on me. 

    So this is my letter to others who felt 

    this pain and who have cried alone with 

    only a pillow to hold you are not alone 

    words may hurt but you my darling are 

    strong, important, loved and beautifully 

    unique do not let hateful words and unkind 

    people make you loose sight of who you truly 

    are do not let them win. 

    ~Nicole Marie

    ~Beautifully Broken Melody~

    You saw the melody in 

    her eyes the way her 

    story flows through 

    the spark of the blue 

    that shines. Her tales 

    goes on but her song 

    will never have an end. 

    Her smile lights up just 

    like the sun breaking 

    through a cloudy day. 

    You see only what she 

    wished someone could 

    see the beauty is not 

    how broken she once 

    was but how she pieced 

    together what was left 

    in the end.

    ~Nicole Marie