Peculiarities of Commercial Moving

    Suggest and theorize

    To find your New York moving and storage service, first, you need to estimate the scope of work. It implies the number of actions to get your vision of everything you should do with the movable property and with preparations for your business to save the profit.

    To simplify the preparatory, do the following:

    • calculate what impact your move will have on your business;
    • make an inventory – whatever premise size you have there are always some items you may have forgotten about.

    It will help you to:

    • estimate the number of things you need to pack and move;
    • calculate the time you’ll need for that;
    • get rid of all the old and unnecessary garbage that takes place and has no use (throw out or sell);
    • sort papers out and transmit the information to the digital form;
    • prepare the premises – make all necessary arrangements concerning the place you move to, agree on the time with the lessor, etc.;
    • suggest what complementary services you may need;
    • contact the moving company and discuss the details of your future move.

    It will help you to organize moving the least nerve-exhausting.

    The moving company

    To get the most objective information, you can consult three different moving companies on the services you need. As you arrange a commercial move, you need to ask for all the details. The long conversation will give you the first impression and the estimation is the best way to check the workers’ professionalism.

    SEKA Moving offers its customers a wide range of services concerning transportation and storage issues. You shouldn’t worry about the organization if you plan a long-distance move. SEKA has a great experience in the deals like that, and the free estimation will demonstrate it the best.

    Another critical point is insurance. The company should have the Certificate of Insurance to get sure that your appliances are safe. SEKA is ready to send you a copy of the Certificate at your request, you choose the form (digital or paper). Other details about the documents you can discuss with the salesperson.

    The sales can also consult you on things you doubt about. If you’re not moving every year, some points may turn out to be potholes. Usually, those are little things you don’t pay attention to while planning. But when you face a lack of organization of these things in the moving process, when you can’t turn back or delay the date, it makes everything much worse. So it’s better to ask again than struggle to move.

    As for general points to remember, take care of everything beforehand and arrange things in plenty of time. It’s better to have extra time to do things calmly than to run around in panic at the last minute.

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