Pathological – An Honest Clinical Look at Trump from an Expert

    It is time to take an honest clinical look at President Donald Trump.   Cable news everywhere comments about WHY he acts as he does and notes that perhaps he has a lack of “understanding.”  This completely misses the point that is now obvious: Trump is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder on the national stage.  Also, he projects as someone with  what psychologists best describe as a “thought disorder.”  

    Although I have certainly not evaluated Donald Trump in my office,  within the context of political psychology and his behavior over an extended period of time he can be carefully reviewed based on his own comments and actions.  The most dynamic feature of a narcissistic personality is that they externalize and never see themselves as the source of any problem  The blame is always on someone else.  In Trump”s case he is obsessed with his own ego and well being and we see that he is lying and fabricating to not only protect himself but in his mind to make himself look like the Authoritarian Personality.  The Boss!

    In Trump’s own mind he exonerated Himself as he disposed of Comey.  In his letter terminating Comey he noted that on three occasions Comey highlighted that he, Trump, was not under investigation.  A person with a pronounced thought disorder actually believes his own fabrications. Perhaps most interesting, and it looks like a longstanding pattern and practice, he demeans, marginalizes, dismisses, and belittles any one standing in his way or is seen as an obstacle.   He actually feels emboldened as a result of his actions and “using” anyone to enhance Himself is part of his basic perverted personality makeup.  As he believes his own falsehoods he feeds his narcissistic personality features and extreme egocentric behaviors.


    What Trump fails to see is that he is undermining himself and he appears shallow and inept to many who watch him daily.  His thought disorder is quite simplistic——he presents fabrications and then is prepared to blame outside influences——the Media.  He claims he is the one not treated fairly and in this process he feels vindicated.  Trump is the consummate hypocrite. He says that he is the champion of Mental Health in America, but he cheers the House bill that eliminates mental health.  Mental health providers in this bill are seen as “unnecessary Obamacare mandates.”  He says he will solve the Opiate epidemic, but the House bill he pushed eliminates coverage for those seeking treatment.  The Russian investigation is “fake news” and there was no collusion, but he apparently told Comey he should drop the investigation related to Flynn and his ties to Russia.   Trump will never stop intimidating and bullying anyone because it is in the fabric of his personality makeup.  Very frightening is the fact that Trump “believes” he should have no controls or moderation to his own thinking and action plans.  Whatever he says is the “truth” and it is what everyone should believe because he says it and makes it reality. In short, it is “perception” created by Trump that is reality.  Facts and the truth may not even be relevant.

    America has now moved deeply into Trumpworld.  This is no longer the United States, a democracy, it is a mindless country on the brink of great danger and destruction   More Trumpism is on the way.  Donald Trump is not going to change or modify his behavior—–he is pathological.   

    Bart Rossi, Ph.D

    Political Psychologist (2014 Emmy Award Winner)

    Check out his website: www.BRossi.US

    Op / Editorial Contribution by Dr. Bart Rossi

    Opinions expressed in this article may express the option of New Theory and its staff.


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