Oscar Chavez in 2021: How to Dominate Virtual Selling

    The pandemic has shifted companies to a whole new way of conducting business online. Every aspect of a company is improvising its structures to go the digital way or risk closure. For sales and marketers, digital marketing methods have been around for many years, but it is proving to be highly competitive with each passing day. Through Oscar Chavez’s incredible growth hacking strategies, you can stand out from your competitors. Virtual selling is one growth hacking tool you can leverage to beat the competition. 

    Who Is Oscar Chavez?

    After Oscar’s appearance on Season 2 of Australia’s “The Voice,” he dropped an incredible 70kgs post-show and became an instant social media hit, reaching and inspiring audiences globally. He has since transformed into an international keynote speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author, and entrepreneur. He is a sales, branding, and marketing expert who has generated over $40 million in sales through his lead generation tools, sales management systems, mouth-watering marketing strategies, and high converting sales blueprints that closed contracts from LinkedIn with zero ad spend.

    Oscar is also a mentor to 650 startups and 92,000 entrepreneurs globally. His mission is to help bring truth to people’s anxieties when defining their “one true purpose in life.” His BAHO method helps people worldwide attain higher levels of success and happiness in their daily lives.

    Here is how Oscar Chavez is making virtual selling in 2021 possible for salespeople and marketers:

    • Put your best virtual foot forward

    More and more people are favoring virtual meetings over in-person. These behaviors are driven by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with workplaces forced to adopt a work-from-home culture to minimize the spread of the virus. With this new shift in behavior, salespeople must ensure their online social profiles are built for success to maximize locked-in meetings. Chavez says that prospects are always profiling you to determine whether a meeting is worth their time. If your LinkedIn profile is not up to date and does not highlight the specific problems you solve in business, chances are your meeting requests will be ignored. Always display a professional photo – people want to face the people they are expecting to meet – even in the virtual space.

    • Play the crowd

    With the pressure on salespeople to close deals quickly as businesses adapt to innovate faster, Chavez says that salespeople need to be more adept at stakeholder management. With longer sales cycles come greater frustrations – particularly when managing internal pressures to get the deal closed while patiently waiting for the client to move to the next phase of the buying process. 

    Chavez says the best way to manage internal stakeholders is to prepare with a script on how you have been proactively managing the sales process, checking in with the client regularly to see what the next steps are. As for the client – inject yourself into their world and seek to offer value. Do as much of their job as possible so that doing business with you becomes a no-brainer. 

    To become a top salesperson in 2021, Chavez says you must be prepared to take on the role of project manager, so becoming obsessive with the organization is of paramount importance to your success. If you don’t get addicted to being organized, Chavez warns that salespeople will not become successful.

    • Come early

    We’ve come a long way with technology, but it will never be 100% reliable. Connectivity issues, missing meeting links, audio, and video troubleshooting, time zone differences – getting even one of these wrong can spell disaster for salespeople. 

    Disaster = missed opportunity = missed targets = lost commission = no glory.

    Chavez stresses the importance of getting prepared at the start of every week and every day. Look at your calendar and the meetings you have locked in your schedule – check that the meeting invites are all in order. If you notice a prospect has not accepted an invite – prompt them with a follow-up reminder. Note down the prospect’s contact number in case you need to call them if they don’t arrive at your virtual meeting or in the case that you are running late. Test your virtual meeting room at the start of the day to ensure everything is in order.

    “These tick boxes are the difference between a lost and closed deal, so get the routine ingrained in your very being”, Chavez urges.


    It is worth noting that one needs to embrace changes to achieve desired goals positively. Virtual selling is effective only if properly implemented, which is why Oscar is giving away his $3M LinkedIn Playbook at zero cost for a limited time only. Implement Oscar’s strategies for success and start scaling your business today.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

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      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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