22-Year-Old Cofounds NFT Development Studio with the Mission of Approachability and Longevity

    Recent graduate Ben Weiss co-founded Flghtx, a full-service NFT development studio specializing in niche celebrity physical and digital Nft products. Weiss, 22, currently works alongside partner and co-founder Dr. Murray Friedman with a single mission: to help bring new people into the NFT space.

    While Weiss’ peers are busy searching for their first corporate jobs, the 22-year-old is focusing on his passion, making NFTs a fun and approachable sector for new investors. But the recent grad is also tackling the stigma surrounding NFTs, being that many see the space as a quick cash grab. 

    “Anyone that’s out there for financial gain, you’ll miss part of the message. The goal isn’t to get a seven-figure exit or necessarily an exit at all. The goal is longevity. NFTs are in their beginnings. By creating these different types of digital products, we’re essentially building communities. You create the art and raise money, which builds community. The goal is for that to be long-term; some NFTs appreciate in value. Not too dissimilar to a crowdfunding campaign,” Weiss says.

    Weiss, who has already advised on some big projects, including a prototype for Nicki Minaj, likens the NFT boom to a similar interest in art— something that’s unique and authenticated. While that may be true, many people have trouble understanding NFTs. Weiss wants those he works with to know how simple it is to break into the space. 

    “An NFT is essentially a digital product. Whether that’s art or a hat in the metaverse, that has a high level of authenticity. If you buy a Louis Vuitton bag, you would only buy it from Louis Vuitton because it’s authenticated by them, even if someone else has the same materials. NFTs are no different, but it has to be something you are passionate about,” Weiss explains.

    “NFTs are the next internet,” Weiss proclaims. “But your project won’t last unless it has passion behind it. People are interested in the NFT space, yet there is hesitancy and resistance because it’s new and uncharted territory. It’s an adventure to be able to go into this space. It’s about flying into the unknown. It will not last unless you have a good product and you’re passionate.”

    For more information, visit https://www.flghtx.com/



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