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    In the past few years, the tourism industry in Georgia has grown. Why are more tourists visiting this attractive destination? It could have to do with the convenient location as a crossroads of Europe and Asia, or it could be everything that Sakartvelo has to offer guests. 

    We’ve put together a few reasons you should consider booking Georgia tours for your next traveling adventure. From picturesque views to delectable cuisine, you will find a little something for everyone in your traveling party.

    1. Hospitality at its Finest

    Many tourists mention the kindness of the locals while visiting Georgia. The country is known for welcoming foreign guests and offering guidance. Whether you need help finding a good place to eat, or you want the best lodging, the locals are always available to offer suggestions.

    Many locals even invite travelers to eat at their homes. During these gatherings, people from all different generations enjoy the conversation and experience of others while consuming mouthwatering dishes. 

    2. Spirited Dances and Signing

    In Georgia, there is no lack of culture. One way that the locals celebrate their heritage is through Georgian national dances and singing that will make any art enthusiast giddy with excitement. The dances showcase the history of the entire country. There’s no finer way to experience the cultural significance of this location than with the polyphonic songs and dance. Only a few nations celebrate culture like this. 

    3. Beauty of the Black Sea

    Georgia’s largest gem is the Black Sea. You can spend a day enjoying the warm sea splashes, engulfing sun rays and subtropical vegetation. One of the most popular resort towns on the Black Seas is Batumi. It is in the Adjara region territory and helps you fully enjoy any holiday. It’s the tourist center of Georgia and the main seaside resort. The beach itself stretches over 7 km. If you prefer to get away from the city, you can also check out Chakvi, Kobuleti, Sarpi, Kvariati and Makhinjauri. 

    4. Gourmet Delight

    There’s no shortage of good food in Georgia. Between the traditional feasts, fragrant dishes and beautiful toasts, you can experience the country and fill your stomach. Meals aren’t just for eating in Georgia, but the experience is a major part of the national culture. You will find a diverse cuisine, with plenty of greens and herbs. Many cooks also implement spices and unique sauces. With all of the fish, wildfowl and meat recipes, you won’t know where to begin. Just make sure you leave a little room for cheese, as it is in abundance. 

    5. Wine-Lovers Paradise

    Georgian wines have been labeled some of the most unique in the world. The winemaking traditions in the country go back 8,000 years. The region is known for Tsinandali (white), Akhasheni (semi-sweet red), Kindzmarauli (red semi-sweet) and Kakheti (dry white), but there are many more to taste test.

    Wine is the uniting factor at feasts and the center of many tours to the region. Among the visits you make, stop in Kvareli, Napareuli, Telavi and Akhmeta to see the varying types of wines available. 

    6. Ancient History

    If you love history, you won’t be able to get enough to fill your desires in this country. Georgia is overflowing with ancient historical sites. It’s also the hub of Christianity, so you can visit many Orthodox churches with a long history. The beautiful architecture is breath-taking and continues to impress travelers year after year.

    Among the best religious locations in the country, you will want to see Mtskheta, an ancient town. There isn’t another location with as many saint locations. You can see Svetitchkhoveli, a cathedral church, the Heaton of Lord, a religious relic, and Jvari temple, which is also filled with saint relics. Make time to see the Bagrati temple in Kutaisi and the Ateni Sioni Monastery in Ateni as well. 

    7. Scenic Views

    Nothing compares to the beauty of Georgia. It’s filled with nature and plenty of diversity. You can enjoy the snow-covered mountains and crystal lakes during one vacation. There are also swift-flowing rivers, subtropical forests, rolling green hills and of course, the Black Sea.

    During your holiday, take part in some adventure-focused activities. Plan a hiking excursion or go mountain climbing with your group. You will find what you need at a variety of resorts, including Kojori, Batumi, Borjomi, Jama and Tsagveri. 

    There’s no limit to the adventure awaiting you in Georgia.


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