NYE’s Countdown to Change

    New Year’s Eve is arguably the most over-rated, yet highly anticipated party night of the year.

    -And similar to finding love just in time for Valentine’s Day, the pressure is on as we search to catch some poor shlub to kiss while counting down to midnight. This self-inflicted stress needs to stop.

    Although NYE marks the culmination of the overall happy holiday season- as we reflect upon the last 365 days – a confusing cloud mixed with regret and optimism is unavoidably cast above everyone’s head. The forced night of fun can be described as the vortex where each individual sees their past, present and future come together, defined in a single moment. For most of us, we come to the realization that whatever point we are at in our lives becomes magnified tenfold on this sparkling champagne-infused evening.

    If you are single, you are not only the most undesired, but you are the only single person in the entire world- or so you are made to feel. If you are in a volatile relationship, you will experience an unnecessary drunken brawl followed by an awkward January first decision, while other “honeymoon phase? and established couples simply cannot help but feel butterflies and bliss before, during and after their timed make-out session.

    Wherever you stand, all anyone really hopes for is progression. Well wishes of continued health, success or wealth, love and happiness- ya know, all the usual suspects people faithfully carry with them into the New Year. People want to see how far they’ve come so they can guess how far they will go next- in life and in love. The “new beginnings? approach provides us yet another opportunity to make the changes ensuring we improve ourselves and our lives once and for all- to get it all right this time. Inside we torture ourselves for previous failed attempts, but in the same breathe convincingly boast, “2016 is my year!?

    Enough with the “New Year, New You? b*llsh*t. It doesn’t work. What many of us fail to recognize is the majority of us young adults are already good at the big changes. Think about it. The bulk of one’s twenties is spent maturing and learning the truth about life as we’ve persistently been transitioning since middle school. We’re overexposed and fearless when it comes to change. So believe it or not, it’s easier to focus on the big ups and downs rather than figure out what has been contributing to those areas in which we often seem to plateau- particularly in relationships.

    Repeating the smaller mistakes over and over ultimately holds us back from our quest of seeing the big picture- the things we aren’t even aware of. Life tends to become stagnant when our goals are bigger than our energy levels. This year apply your efforts in small ways instead of larger ones if you truly want to see growth.

    Appreciate what you have in your life on a daily basis. Develop a profound understanding of not just yourself but a connection to something greater than you. Express more vulnerability with people. You will be surprised how much more comfortable you become in your own skin as it extends into your social and professional circles. Switch up your day-to-day grind and you will inevitably acquire something new- whether it’s discovering a deeper love for yourself or someone else.

    Last but not least, stop feeling like a grown up. I know life’s timeline has set some pretty linear expectations, but I promise you going rogue can be a powerful thing. Don’t think when the clock strikes midnight, it’s a life sentence. None of us are named Cinderella.

    The only kiss to concern yourself with is kissing 2015 goodbye. You happen to control how you choose to feel in 5, 4, 3, 2… Happy New Year!