No More Visas into the United States and Canada

    Nowadays, you can get access to the United States or Canada without necessarily having a tangible visa. All you need is to get into their official government websites and make your application for electronic systems for travel authorization, ESTA.

    ESTA visa USA is an intelligence system developed in the US; it is used by the United States and Canada to give access to visa waiver countries nationals without necessary applying for a visa, or those who want to re-enter the country. It was established to curb terrorism in the US after the September 09, attack.

    Electronic systems for travel authorization are allowed to travelers wishing to visit the United States and Canada for shot trip businesses and tourism. Any beneficial activity in the country like gaining employment is prohibited. The authorization is only allowed to the 37-member states in visa waiver program.

    Eligibility criteria for ESTA

    For you to be put into consideration for ESTA application, you must meet the following requirements.

    • Your authorization is only allowed for two years after which you are required to re-apply a new approval.
    • Before you are allowed to enter the United States or Canada, make sure your passport is valid. The immigration department will not let you into the country with an expired visa.
    • Any national wishing to visit the United States or Canada should use recognized and accepted shipping or Airline Company.
    • The authorization is only for business projects or tourism; you are not allowed to participate in any gainful employment activity.
    • The duration of the visit must not exceed 90 days; this is meant only for two years after which your passport expires.

    Can the authorization be denied?

    Yes, in case you feed in incorrect information about yourself, you are not guaranteed the applied authorization. It’s worth noting; you must go through your application keenly before submitting it. You are also advised to conduct a free eligibility test before applying.

    What happens when my application is refused? Can I still apply? When there is a denial of your authorization, you can use for a B-1 visitor visa or a B-2 tourist visa. It’s advisable to apply earlier before traveling to avoid delays, usually 72 hours before your visit.

    Steps to access ESTA

    Accessing your eta Canada visa online is simple and straightforward. For as long as you meet the requirements you can log in using your browser to eVISAor eTA.

    • You first fill the application form, here you’ve got be sincere and give correct information to avoid being denounced the authorization.
    • Make your payment using accepted online means, in this case, you are recommended to use HI pay.
    • Be alert to note those bogus sites claiming to be ESTA service providers!
    • Then view your status using your reference number and passport credentials.

    Note: There should be a warning of visa waiver program travelers because of the third party bogus websites demanding processing fees and other additional payments. Any transactions should be made to the official government websites through recognized online payment methods.