NJ’s Eat Clean Bro Holds 3rd Annual Gala: Casino For A Cause

    ‘With great power comes great responsibility.” – Voltaire

    There is no doubt that there are superheroes who walk amongst us in real life, people who choose to use their superpowers to set an exemplary standard of what it is to do good. The superheroes in question today are Jamie and Kayla Giovinazzo, the family behind the national meal prep company, Eat Clean Bro

    Every year, Eat Clean Bro hosts their annual gala to raise funds and awareness for Children’s Specialized Hospital. At last year’s gala, the Giovinazzos raised over $100,000. This year, they’re upping the ante (pun intended!) 

    This year, Saturday 2 March, the Eat Clean Bro gala will be casino-themed, and they’re pulling out all the stops! Since Children’s Specialized Hospital is one of the leading institutions in the country to provide a full scope of care to children suffering from complex, debilitating illnesses, a casino night is undeniably one of the best ways to raise funds for the kids who need it. 

    The gala last year at Avenue in Long Branch was gorgeous, but this year demands a larger space, more activities, and more interactions. Since the driving force behind the gala for Children’s Specialized Hospital is greater than fundraising, Jamie and Kayla decided to create a more fun experience for the people coming out to help them – so, they’re bringing the casino to Freehold! South Gate Manor will be the venue for the 2024 gala, and it’s the perfect place to hold an event of this magnitude. The venue has also made an extremely generous donation toward the cause.

    The honoree at the gala this year will be thirteen-year-old Gabriella Brehm, who survived a near-fatal aneurysm caused by an AVM [arteriovenous malformation] CSH discovered in her brain. Over the course of a few weeks, Gabby’s team of highly qualified physicians worked tirelessly but intricately to approach the AVM they found in her brain. 

    Thanks to the cumulative support of her family, friends, dedicated team of specialists, the Family-Centered Care Department at Children’s Specialized Hospital, and the funds raised by Eat Clean Bro, Gabby is back to playing games, listening to music, and spending time with her friends.

    The event will be the epicenter of fun and fundraising. Poker tables, roulette, slots, and other games will all be excellent (and fun) opportunities to contribute to the cause. Moreover, sponsorship and direct donation opportunities are also available. 

    “I can guarantee it will be very fun, that is a promise I can guarantee, and the FOMO [fear of missing out] will be real.” Jamie Giovinazzo, Owner and CEO of Eat Clean Bro

    The people, food, drinks, games, and entire atmosphere are the most talked about of the year – as every Eat Clean Bro gala has been before. There will be all-you-can-eat gourmet foods, a premium open bar, and celebrity appearances. Tickets are linked below.

    Some vendors include:

    • Down To The Felt will provide all casino games
    • Bond Society will be making their famous permanent jewelry 
    • TapSnap, the premier event photo vendor, will be capturing the photos from the gala that people will share for years to come.

    Tickets: https://ecbevents.com/products/ecbevent









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