New Theory Fall Beauty Round-Up

    Here is a list of our favorite beauty products for the fall put together by the staff at New Theory.

    Kibon Beauty

    Product: Luxury Vegan Sheet Mask

    Review: Luxury Vegan Sheet Mask

    Radiant Vegan Skincare Inspired by Nature, inspired by botanical science which is plant-based that can be used by all skin types.  It is smooth on the skin and great for people with sensitive skin as well.  Website: Kibon Beauty

    Rating: 5/5 stars

    Geri G Beauty

    Product: Vegan Super Skinspray

    Review: Vegan Super Skinspray which is an organic aloe vera which provides a soothing, hydrating and anti bacterial ingredients that is soft for the skin.  It will provide balance for your skin for the entire day.

    Luxury Vegan Sheet Mask delivers a smooth and hydrating while provide anti-bacterial properties to the skin.  Can also be used for any skin type.  Website:  Geri G Beauty

    Rating: 4/5 stars

    Didi Beauty Co

    Product: Shimmer Lip Gloss With Hyaluranic Acid

    Review:  Lip gloss with six shimmer shades and a clear gloss.  It’s a non-sticky formula that’s shiny and even has a chocolate scent.  Website: Didi Beauty Co

    Rating: 5/5 stars

    Esha Girl

    Product: Esha Natural Curl Hydrating Shampoo

    Review: Perfect solution for girls with curly hair without stripping natural oils.  It’s made with natural ingredients so it can be used on a daily basis.  Website: Esha Girl

    Rating: 4.5/5 stars

    Overall, I’m very impressed with the new fall beauty products from these four brands. They’re all high-quality products that are perfect for creating beautiful fall-inspired looks.


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