Must have Summer essentials 2017

    New Theory’s Must have summer essentials for 2017!

    Boxy Girl + Structured Aesthetics | Drawer Organization

    Boxy Girl is a high-quality acrylic beauty organizer. If you are a beauty guru or just a girl that loves her jewelry and makeup, then you must get this gorgeous thing! It consists of stackable trays made of Lucite (durable and scratch resistant) with removable dividers that you can customize in the best way to suit your needs. The amazing thing about Boxy girl is that there is no limit as of how it can be used. It is beautiful and functional. You can load it with beauty products, but it also works for jewelry, office supplies, crafting items, etc. I was looking for the perfect makeup organizer since I have a lot of it and Boxy Girl was just ideal for arranging all my beauty products as I desired. Now everything is much easier to find since I place eyeshadows, lipsticks, brushes, foundations, etc. in the drawer they each belong. Saves me some time in the morning as well since I don’t have to go crazy looking for stuff since now everything is in order and easy to find. There are so many stacks to choose from that you can even build your own vanity! Boxy Girl has been named’s ‘Genius Organizer’ of 2017. Kylie Jenner even has her own Boxy Girl to help arrange her many cosmetics!
    They offer the following options:

    • Boxy Girl Single Stack, with or without lid
    • Boxy Girl Double Stack (shown above), with or without lid
    • Boxy Girl Triple Stack, with or without lid
    • Boxy Girl Four Stack, with or without lid

    Check out their website:

    Pharmagel Beta C – 2oz

    BETA-C, is a moisturizing facial re-firming complex containing Beta Hydroxy Acid, and Stabilized Vitamin C. This amazing moisturizer helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, helping your skin look firmer, and enhancing the appearance of skin tone. Beta Hydroxy Acid, known as salicylic acid, is an excellent exfoliant that improves the appearance of aging, sun-damaged skin. It is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving overall facial texture because it not only concentrates on exfoliation of skin’s surface but also acts within the pores. The dual action re-firming benefits of Beta Hydroxy Acid and Stabilized Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, helping your skin look firmer, and enhancing the appearance of skin tone.

    • Intensive all day moisturizer
    • With botanical-based ingredients
    • Hypoallergenic

    I used this fantastic moisturizer for more than a month. I love it; it has helped my skin tremendously! it is my holy grail every morning and night. It has made a lot of improvements to my skin, and now I feel very confident without makeup! I used to have dry patches around my chin area but since I started using this product this problem is gone! Also, I had some discoloration on my skin, but after three weeks I saw a huge improvement. My skin just feels and looks very healthy and glowing. A moisturizer is an essential step for good skin care; I highly recommend Pharmagel BETA-C it is a 10/10 product.

    Check out their website:

    Speed Brush & Grooming Paddle Plus from HOTHEADS

    HYBRID Design and Function for heat styling features the innovative bristle pattern for penetration, tension, and shine available in all Professional HOTHEADS hairbrushes. Patented CAPTIVE ENDS focusing your dryer’s airflow over the brush and THERMAL CONDUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY, reducing drying time , preventing frizz, and tangling.

    Speed Brush is the World’s Fastest Brush

    • All hair types
    • Patented captive ends focus air & heat for increased drying speed
    • Boar/Nylon bristling helps prevent tangling & frizz while helping to promote shine
    • Curl
    • Mega Curl
    • Sleek/Smooth Finish

    Grooming Paddle Plus Innovative Design

    • Detangling wet or dry
    • Perfect for children
    • Exfoliation/Microcirculation helps improve blood flow for better hair growth & a healthier scalp.
    • All hair types
    • Safe for extensions & wigs

    Check out their website:

    HSI Professional Glider 1” Ceramic Flat Iron

    The Glider professional ceramic hair flat iron features ionic tourmaline coated plates that use 8 Heat Balance micro-sensors (4 on each plate) to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat so that fewer passes are needed through your precious hair. That’s the best way to get silky results that shine while protecting your hair from overheat exposure. Plus, the plates heat up in seconds, so you don’t have to lose any time while adjusting the temperature setting via the dial between 140-450 Degree to suit your particular hair type and texture. The hair straightener’s floating plates have curved edges that provide extra flexibility to curl, or straighten your hair.

    • Binding: Health and Beauty
    • Heat Balance infrared Technology
    • Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline-Infused Plates
    • Reflexive Floating Plates
    • Heats up in seconds
    • Temp. Control (140-450°F)
    • Dual Voltage 110-220v

    I love this flat iron. It is the most famous, widely used among flat irons for both salons and home hair use. It heats up faster and has provided heat consistently. With its tourmaline-infused plates, it will not damage or dry the hair. Since we all have different hair types, the temperature settings for this flat iron is ideal. The price is fantastic too overall the best flat iron for your hair and pocket! #Love4Hair

    Check out their website:

    MiiSTS Pocket Essentials Quality you can trust in packaging you will use

    MiiSTS are the smallest spray bottle’s in the world! Perfect for on-the-go use! I’ve used all these spray bottles and let me tell you it’s one of the best economic products I own. Ideal for everyday use and fantastic for traveling.
    They are ultra slim sprays establish the new standard for convenient travel packaging. MiiSTS allows you to carry your everyday essentials without the annoying bulge associated with round bottles. MiiSTS bottles are virtually invisible in your pockets and will take up little room in your purses, cases, bags, wallets, or glove boxes.
    MiiSTS bottles were designed to deliver quality products with the consumer in mind conveniently. All eco-friendly MiiSTS sprays feature premium USA made ingredients that adhere to strict FDA guidelines and stringent MiiSTS standards.

    MiiSTS sprays offer the finest personal care products for just pennies per spray!

    When you have MiiSTS, you can stop carrying a lot when all you want is a little!


    • Hand sanitizer
    • Breath freshener spray
    • Zero calorie sweetener
    • Hair spray
    • Sunscreen
    • Lens & screen cleaner
    • Stain remover
    • Insect repellent
    • Wrinkle releaser
    • Bite and burn relief
    • Rose water facial spray


    Another cool thing you can also do with MiiSTS sprays is you can customize your Private label.

    MiiSTS can take your product and make it into a truly portable solution like never before.  

    Private label with MiiSTS for:

    • Unique Packaging
    • Strong Branding and Image
    • Promotional Packaging
    • Increased Product Usage

    Please CLICK HERE to contact them for more information if you are interested in the Private label.


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