Most Famous US Sports Athletes of 2021

    Sports and athletics have been an integral part of American society since the 18th Century. People of America love getting involved in sporting events and tournaments that take place throughout the year. Sports broadcasting networks such as; FoxSports and ESPN have millions of viewers watching sports online and on their TV screens. Since the independence of the USA, sports have had an integral role in keeping the people of the country united. 

    According to the survey of 2020, the US has a population of 329.5 million, which comprises individuals from every race, ethnic background, and region of the world. Individuals working ten-hour shifts find it a source of relaxation to switch onto their TVs and mobile screens during breaks to follow their favorite sports. Every high school across the US motivates and encourages young students to compete on local, regional, and national levels in various sporting events and games. Federal and provincial funding is granted to high schools and universities offering sports development services for training young and determined athletes. 

    For the Tokyo Olympics of 2O20, 613 athletes represented the USA in multiple Olympic games and events. Every year, the number of participants and athletes for international events and competitions increases. The best legal online gambling sites in the US keep online gamblers and players updated with recent competitions and tournaments. Whether it be, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Archery, Tennis, Boxing, Beach Volley Ball, Cycling, Hockey, or any Olympic sport, American athletes are always highlighted for playing fair and competitive.

    Given below are some of the most outstanding US athletes who have outperformed their competitors during 2021 so far. 

    Tommy Paul

    Tommy Paul has been around the Pro tennis circuit since 2015. Tommy has been the new sensation since he achieved his career-best ranking of world no.50 in June 2021. Tommy has played tennis at all levels during his career and secured many notable titles, awards, and distinguished recognizations. In 2015, as a Pro tennis star, Tommy bagged the French Open Boys Single by defeating his fellow American tennis player. 

    Paul was a consistent performer at the ATP and ITF circuit in 2016 and defeated Paola Lorenzi in Houston’s 2016 Men’s Clay Court Championship match. In 2019, Paul managed to secure a spot in the top 100 rankings after winning the 2nd ATP title. In 2020, Tommy performed well in his first Grand Slam tournament and qualified for the double’s quarter-final. Tommy Paul was also on the tennis team representing the US at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

    Michael Norman

    Michael Norman is an American sprinter known for his 44.52s world record of indoor 400m run. Born in San-Deigo, California, Michael belongs to an African- American background. Since his high school days, Michael was inclined towards running, physical workouts, and onfield exercises. In 2016, Michael set the world record for the fastest run in200m and relay race. Michael Norman was also seen in action at his Pro debut in June 2018 at the Diamond League held in Paris. Michael went on to win the 200m race in 19.84s and created a personal best record of that time.

    Moreover, in 2020, Michael successfully set his personal best and world record for the fastest 100m run in 9.86s. In Tokyo Olympic 2020, Micheal was the top performer in the men’s 4x400m relay race and secured a Gold medal. His recent achievement and Gold run has made him evidently popular among the young high school athletes. 

    John Isner 

    John Isner is an American professional tennis player famous for making international and national appearances in various tournaments and events. John has played, Madrid Open, French Open, Los Cabos Open, Atlanta Open, Canadian Open, US Open, Laver Cup, Wimbledon, and Cincinnati Masters. John Isner also attained the career-best ranking of no.8 by USTPA and maintained a remarkable winning streak in 2018. John is also famous for playing the longest tennis match in 2010 against Mahut. He is one of the fiercest competitors and is trying to further improve his rankings by participating in all the national and international events. With over 11,700 aces, John is famous for having the second-most aces record in Men’s tennis after Ivo Karlović. John has won 12 ATP titles and is in pursuit of achieving more for his country. John is a globally followed tennis player who engages with the audience on various social media platforms.

    Gable Steveson

    Gable Steveson is a professionally trained American wrestler and heavy-weight lifter who started practicing wrestling techniques and martial arts at a very young age. During his high school career, Gable maintained a 171 match win streak and performed exceptionally well in his age group championship matches. Moreover, Gable dreamt of performing at the WWE arena, and his dream became a reality when the WWE signed him in 2020. Gable Steveson managed to secure significant opportunities throughout his career and was part of the Tokyo Olympics Wrestling team. At the Tokyo Olympics, Gable won Gold in Men’s Freestyle 125kg category. Since that win, Gable has been among the most famous US athletes discussed over social media and sports platforms.

    Galen Rupp

    Galen Rupp is an American athlete who has been in the circuit since his first international appearance in 2008, Bejing Summer Olympics. Galen is a consistent athlete who has always been on the top charts of various marathons and mega-events. Galen has represented the US in the 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. In the London Olympics, Galen secured a Silver Medal in the men’s 10,000m race and a bronze medal in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics in its Marathon race event. The 35-year-old athlete has been an Olympic sensation for his fans across the globe. In 2017, Galen made it to the headlines by winning the Chicago Marathon title. He continued his Olympics journey by qualifying for Tokyo Olympics 2020 in the US Olympic trials held in February 2020. In 2021, Tokyo Olympics Galen finished 8th in the final marathon race event.

    Photo by Braden Collum.


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