Men – Self-improvement When Approaching Women

    Description: There are many men out there who still struggle with attracting beautiful women into their lives. We help you achieve greater success with women.

    Whether you’re using or developing your confidence with women offline then positive thinking is your first step in self-improvement. Negative thoughts breed negative thoughts and behaviours; this prevents you from growing and developing your approaches with women. If you want to be successful with women you need to change your mind set and to think more positively. I don’t just mean changing what you think about women, but about life in general. You must believe that women should enjoy your company and not necessarily the other way round. Believing that you are enjoyable to be around and that you are attractive is our first step in self-improvement.  Self-confidence and a positive attitude to women and life will set you up to becoming more attractive in the presence of women.

    Your next step is to take control and take action. There is only one way to bring more women into your life and that is to do so yourself. Good things come to those who…go out and get it. You must consciously decide to take action and meet, greet and say hello to women across a wide range of scenarios within your life. Meeting and greeting women will not happen unless you decide it happens; whether you’re in work, at the gym, parties, shopping you could be in the company of women but not be involved unless you choose to. Until you actively make an effort to learn how to approach women, you will not reach your full potential. Practice certainly does make perfect and saying hello to as many unknown women through your day will improve your confidence and your self-worth. If you want to be the next David Beckham you will practice taking free kicks and corners most days of the week. If you want to build your chances of self-improvement and approach women then, you guessed it, practice most days of the week, on and offline.

    To place yourself in the best position to meet women, develop your social circles and practice interacting with women then dating website can help. This is a great place to start. You can use dating sites to chat and meet people from a wide range of backgrounds, regardless of what you want to get out of it. You can specifically enter gay, straight, Latino, black chat rooms to enjoy chatting and virtually meeting others online before arranging a date, again practice makes perfect to build your confidence with talking to women. However I would ensure that online dating is purely supplementing your opportunities to meet women, don’t make this your only option as you will lose those organic skills of meeting others. Fill your diary with opportunities to meet people, and if you find that one evening didn’t work out as planned then log on, getting chatting and fill up next week’s diary instead.

    Approach Women
    I know this sounds simple, and it really is, but you must approach lots of women. Your self-improvement really starts to grow at this point. Approaching women provides you with a platform for your confidence to increase if interactions go well, or for you to learn from interactions if they end abruptly, which in turn next allows your next approach to be a lot better, its win-win for you! It’s crucial you follow up this step purely because you always want to have options with your choice of women. By approaching different women, even if it is just a hello throughout your day to day life means you will begin to develop an abundance mentality, chat to and date more women and more importantly, develop confidence with meeting women. Don’t just wait until your next night out, self-improvement starts here, all day every day. You will meet women in every aspect of your life, only this time I want you to acknowledge it, say hello, smile, nod and interact. You will be surprised at the pleasure you get from the almost 100% response rate.

    Staying focused on what you want to achieve with any ambition is a crucial aspect to success. The same goes with self-improvement and approaching women. Staying focused and committed to meeting women and interacting with women will be your key to unlocking opportunities with women. You can simply do this by setting yourself small goals every time you leave the house. Whether it’s to work, or the gym, or even just down the shop, set yourself a goal to say hello to two different women you have never met, one in the shop and one walking to the shop. Your goal must be a clear set objective that you can accomplish and to don’t go back home until you do accomplish them. This focus allows you to train your mind to overcome anxieties around approaching women, it will become second nature and your confidence will become sky high. Self-improvement is a choice, and once this choice is made, approaching women is the easy bit!

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