Meet Tia Shipman – The Newest Cast Member To Join Season 2 Of WAGS On E!

    E! Network is known to generate America’s next reality television obsession, and the hit series “WAGS” (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars), is no different! 
    -And sure enough, with every guilty pleasure comes a breakout star…
    Supermodel and actress, Tia Shipman is the new girl in town on the highly anticipated fan-favorite show returning this summer! Internationally recognized for modeling on countless runways and a famous face in magazines, Tia gives us an inside glimpse into her fascinating life as a beauty and fashion icon, as well as her experience in the upcoming season.

    “WAGS” skyrockets viewers on a crazy roller coaster ride through the lives of some of today’s hottest professional athletes from the perspective of the strong women who stand by their side. Although Tia’s official pro-beau has not yet been revealed to the masses, social media is buzzing on which heartthrob it could be. Sources have linked her to players from both the Denver Nuggets and the Indianapolis Colts. But only time will tell.

    Newly cast, Tia is thrown into the untamed world of being a pro athlete’s girlfriend as she balances her high profile relationship with a thriving modeling and acting career.
     20150201913147537NEW THEORY: What is it like to date one of today’s hottest professional athletes?

    Tia Shipman: It’s like dating a normal guy but everyone knows who he is at a restaurant or bar. Athletes are people too, with fun careers.

    NT: How did you and your boyfriend meet?

    TIA: Well, you’ll have to watch and see on June 26th at 10:00 pm only on E! I will say… We have known each for many years!

    NT: What was your reaction to being asked to be on E! hit series WAGS?

    TIA: I was actually really surprised and excited at the same time. This is completely different than what I have ever done in the past and it’s a real glimpse into my life.

    NT: How has it changed your life?

    TIA: I am still the same individual I was before I began filming. We are currently still filming the show. But I will never change. I will always be me.

    TS-4871 (1)NT: Tell us some of your biggest accomplishments in your career.

    TIA: I have been in the game for over 11 years! It is one of the hardest industries to break into and stay in. I am truly grateful.

    NT: If you had to pick one which one would you choose modeling or acting? And why?

    TIA: Wow. I cannot choose. That is like asking a mother which child is your favorite!!!! I love them both for now…

    NT: What are some of your beauty tips you can share to prep for summer?

    TIA: Drink plenty of water! Water helps cleanse and refreshes the skin. I am obsessed with coconut oil. I apply it everywhere!

    NT: How do you stay in shape? What is your favorite outdoor activity?

    TIA: I enjoy Yoga! It’s fun and there are so many different types to try. Vinyasa is my favorite! Outdoor activity… Skydiving!

    NT:  What are some of your favorite designers or stores?

    TIA: Zara is one of my favorite stores. It’s a Spanish clothing line where every store is different, whether, from town to town, city to city or country to country. You can shop at each Zara and find something different and affordable. Chanel is one of my favorite designers for the history of the brand and the style. Pronenza Schouler creates some of the coolest bags! And Christian Louboutin has some of the coolest flats!! Their Heels are amazing of course. But a girl loves her flats.

    NT:  Are you real-life friends with any of the girls in the show?

    TIA: The show is very genuine. I enjoy the company of all the girls. I speak with Autumn every other day.

    hires-1209504-hires-1204410-TiaShipman_KyleGoldie-6544NT:  What is your favorite social media network & why?

    TIA: I am drawn to Snapchat. It is the most present app out there right now without being too available.

    NT: Three words you would use to describe yourself?

    TIA: Funny, weird, and free!

    NT: What do you really think about the phrase “gold digger”?

    TIA: I think GOLD DIGGER is a phrase a man made up. I do not agree with the term and it is degrading to women.

    NT: Can we know the actions you take to check women in clubs who get a little too close to your man?

    TIA:  I am very secure when it comes to myself. I normally do not date the guy who would disrespect me in a club. So when I am with my man I only see him and he only sees me. We respect each other. There are more important things in life to concern myself with…

    NT: What can we expect from your upcoming new season of WAGS and your fascinating life as a beauty and fashion icon?

    TIA: I am waiting to see what to expect from WAGS myself. I have not seen any episodes. While I film I really try to just stay in each moment and forget about the cameras. Hopefully when you watch you see the true essence of me. Hopefully, I enjoy what I see. The good news is no one is perfect! We live! We learn! We grow! I am excited about the future of ME (Tia Shipman) and I can only say stay tuned. There is definitely more to come!

    Season 2 premiering Sunday, June 26th, 2016.


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