Marvel’s Doctor Strange Hits Theaters Soon.. And We Can’t Wait [Video]

    Listen, I’m just going to come right out and say it… I am secretly a comic book nerd.

    I am slightly obsessed with the thrill of entering a different world and I have a high level of appreciation for the elevated level of imagination it takes to conceptualize these types of story lines.  I have always been fascinated by how comic books can pull you away from reality and suck you all the way in to a fantasy world of vivid subplots.

    Original Marvel Comic

    Comic books rock! And I mean… are you even human if you don’t love a good superhero flick? Bringing me to my main objective… Doctor Strange. 

    This November (2016), Marvel is unleashing it’s 14th cinematic pleasure for the world — Doctor Strange. As a quick overview, if you aren’t as fluent in ‘nerd history’ as I am, Dr.Strange was originally introduced to the world in 1930, followed by its debut as a television film in 1978, and later its reincarnation as an animated film in 2007.

    If you like an out of the ordinary and mysteriously magical plot, this is for you. Check out the newly released trailer of Marvel’s Doctor Strange, hitting theaters this coming November:

    [iframe id=””]


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