Daily Reminder That Road Rage Is Not ‘All The Rage’

    Yes, you’re an a#*hole; but you also can’t drive. Forgive me for not wanting my car smashed but I cannot wrap my head around the fact that someone can carelessly drift into my lane and be pissed off when I lay on the horn. Isn’t that what the horn is for? Alerting people?

    Why are there erasers on pencils? Everyone makes mistakes. At some point in your life you have to accept responsibility for yourself. ‘MAJOR KEY’, as DJ Khaled would say.


    Let me just tell you what inspired this rant, because I bet once you see where I am coming from you will have a better understanding of where I am going with this.

    I was driving in the city, and this guy in a G-Wagon, (one of those boxy Mercedes’), was half in my lane, half in the other; dead-smack in the middle of the road. So, I honk because I felt we are both entitled to a lane. All of a sudden this ‘Box Car Wanker’, as I like to refer to him, slows down, starts swerving as if he was intentionally trying to hit me and flies completely off the handle, yelling and screaming like a child having a tantrum. So, what do I do? I press down on my horn and shrug my shoulders at him as if that was going to have some magical effect. Not sure why I thought that this complete a#*hole was somehow going to be overwhelmed with my magical shrugging powers and Abracadabra!, he’s going to stop.

    This was not the case.

    I thought maybe, my horn would serve its purpose and this guy would then realize the error of his ways, have an epiphany and move into the lane he should have been in. I was wrong.

    I would say that this next part that I am about to tell you probably only happens to me… but I am quite sure it definitely doesn’t. So, this guy gets out of his car at the next light and starts toward my car. My gut told me he was not coming over to shake my hand and thank me. Please note that I am in New York City (with a full car), and at that moment I had to make a quick decision. Being in NYC, I found it only fitting to go from the left lane into the oncoming traffic lane and speed through the red light.


    Did I really just become that guy? YUP.

    Sure, he was stupid, irrational, immature, and wrong for what he did but I had my wife kids with me; sometimes you have to make a judgment call. Still, I was pissed.

    Even so, I realized that ROAD RAGE IS JUST LAME AF.

    The next time this very scene happened, I slowed down and let this driver get far enough in front of me that there was no chance for a confrontation. I got to my destination one minute and seven seconds past when I thought I would get there, but I didn’t need a drink or a joint to relax when I arrived. It was optional. As I tell my six-year-old son, you really have to pick your battles. Choosing your words and looks wisely can make all the difference. Imagine what could have happened if things went differently.. YIKES!

    Moral of the story: this is your daily reminder to be the bigger person because… well… let’s face it; sometimes we all need a reminder.  9 times out of 10, letting the jerk with no driving etiquette go in front of you will leave unnecessary problems behind.


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