Martin Mander: 6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became An Entrepreneur

    Everyone knows at least one person who they look up to who is a brilliant and successful Entrepreneur. Ambitious as they were, what we don’t see is all the hard work, struggles, mistakes, and learning they had to do to get where they are today. Sadly, people often only realize the importance of perseverance and disciple when they are first getting started. They overcame obstacle after obstacle, working tirelessly to succeed. Then, one day, all that hard work finally pays off.

    What if we could go back in time and give our younger self advice about all the challenges on the road to success?

    Today we had the opportunity to sit down with world renowned entrepreneur Martin Mander to talk about what advice he has for young people who want to follow in his footsteps.

    Use these six tips to help you become successful in both your business and in your life.

    1. Success Leaves Clues: If you want to be successful then find somebody who is already there where you want to go and just copy them!
    2. Circle of Influence: Take care of your social environments – tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. If you hang out with 5 Millionaires, you will be the 6th one.
    3. Protect Your Time: Don’t waste your time with people who don’t deserve your time.  
    4. Focus on Self Improvement: Your Company will never grow bigger than you. Number on your bank account show your value. If you don’t like what you see, then grow! You get paid how much value you great in an hour. So if you want to create more value in an hour then you need to grow.
    5. Take Action: The key to success is to take action. Many people are reading books and going to trainings but they are not taking action. In the beginning. When I got started I had nothing and then I build my experience.
    6. Choose Your Mentors Wisely: Don’t take advice from the wrong people. I wish someone told me this before I became an Entrepreneur. Be careful about taking advice from people who haven’t really lived it. You can only learn from people who have done it and lived it. You can teach only what you have achieved in life. 

    Thank you Martin for taking the time to chat with me! Do you have any last words of wisdom for readers at home?

    Treat entrepreneurship like fitness. Success is rented and the rent is due daily.


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