Married? Married. Full House Star Mary-Kate Olsen Ties the Knot

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    Married? Married. Full House Star Mary-Kate Olsen Ties the Knot

    mary-kate-olsen-olivier-sarkozy-467Long Duk Dong doesn’t need to tell you that Mary-Kate Olsen (aka Michelle Tanner) is married. According to Page Six and other very accurate (ahem) sources, Full House child star and award-winning fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen tied the knot with long-term beau Olivier Sarkozy. Seventeen years his junior, Olsen and Sarkozy (the half brother of the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy) stepped into wedded bliss on Friday night at an unidentified east Midtown location in NYC. And in true French form, there were reportedly bowls of cigarettes on all of the tables—NYC dry cleaners just rejoiced in unison at all the new business they likely gained from this reported, “smoky” event.

    Apparently, the couple met at a party (ladies, there is still hope for the rest of us to marry a wealthy French banker!). reports “After that fiesta, the two were seen hanging around New York City quite a bit back in 2012. She apparently fell head over heels for him. According to OK! Magazine, the pair did typical city activities—spending Memorial Day in the Hamptons and going to Knicks games.”

    mk-olivier--zWho is Sarkozy, you ask? According to “Pierre Olivier Sarkozy is a 46-year-old French banker who currently works in New York. He is the brother of the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, so he is no stranger to the public eye, as you can probably imagine. While Sarkozy was born in France, after attending the University of St. Andrews, he has spent the entirety of his career in the U.S. as a banker working for some of America’s biggest investment banks.”

    A heartfelt congrats to the newly married couple. We await the news of your “Fuller House.” #OlsenWedding

    And on that note, a hilarious Step Brothers dubsmash clip between Full House and now Fuller House co-stars John Stamos and Lori Loughlin:

    “If you were a chick, who’s the one guy you would sleep with..?” @loriloughlin #stepbrothers

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