Male Model Makeover: The Hottest Procedure Amongst Millennial Men

    Millennial Men are now leading the charge and this is one the most requested procedures


    Guys, we know that dating is pretty rough. The standards women have for men have never been higher, and sadly, that often means that good guys end up being left in the dust. The truth is, the standards aren’t high enough for everyone to reach them through the old-fashioned routes of diet and exercise.

    If you want to be the Cassanova that you know you can be, you will need to get a little surgical help. And, contrary to what people want to say about the modern dating scene, looks do matter. That’s why the newest procedure to get fans in the male Millennial crowd is the Male Model Makeover.

    The Male Model Makeover is a procedure that was created by Dr. Steinbrech to help average men become as attractive as possible. The makeover, which is a customized series of filler injections, added to key points in a man’s face. By adding fillers near the jawline, cheekbones, and nose, men get a more youthful, masculine appearance.

    Dr. Steinbrech noted that many of the men who came to cimdid so after feeling worried about the dating scene. Unsurprisingly, they had better luck once the results were visible. Studies have shown that women notice masculine features like a square jaw when they are choosing a partner.

    Considering that the procedure is non-invasive and takes only 10 minutes, it’s not surprising that it’s become one of the most popular procedures for men interested in plastic surgery. The procedure’s effects are instantly visible, and last for a total of 18 months.

    Overall, it’s easy to see why guys are beginning to fall in love with the Male Model Makeover. After all, if you could look like a model in 10 minutes, wouldn’t you do the same?

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