Luster Premium White Product Review

    Luster Premium White is a teeth whitening kit that works 7x faster than all major whitening kits. I tried the Luster Premium White Pro Light kit for 15 days and the results were amazing. I never had super yellow teeth but this was just the perfect tool to get my perfect pearly whites. I would use it every night before going to bed. It was a very fast and easy way to get your teeth whiter in a matter of days. The steps were also very easy to follow. If you are looking for a fast, easy way to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home, this is a must have for you! 

    Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System: 

    • Visible results in just 30 minutes
    • Developed by dentists
    • Patented light-activated whitening technology
    • Dental office whitening technology
    • Teeth will not feel sensitive afterwards
    • Enamel safe
    • Customize your whitening schedule
    • Includes 4 AAA batters
    • Includes anti-cavity fluoride 
    • Includes accerlerinse pre-treatment
    • Includes stain lifting serum 

    To view more information about Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System click here:


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