Lust for Pain – Part #3

    Ballads By Valid- Part #3

    Lust for Pain

    Tremors touch my brain.

    Colder than December’s slush and rain.

    The severity sucks out all that’s sane.

    Use a crutch throughout all that’s pained. 

    Spit up blood that leave the drain.

    Please poetry relieve the reign 

    Of rampant royalty that is destroying the

    Emotional embroidery.

    Make memories with the music,

    Make enemies when it’s only therapeutic.

    Commemorate all who dare to do it.

    Haters have always been there through it.

    The wonder of you

    Digs me six feet under the dew.

    Should I trust or be insane 

    With this lust for pain?




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