Logo Ideas: 5 Tips for Designing a Killer Logo

    Think about the brands you see the most for a moment. 

    I bet you can describe their logos. For example, Starbucks uses a green siren. For Nike, you know their logo is the Nike “swoosh”. You can envision the five connected rings for the Olympics.

    You get the picture. You can quickly and easily recall these logos.

    Why? Because you recognize these brands. You interact with these brands. In reality, you’re probably a loyal member of some of these brands.

    When you’re designing your logo, you want to mimic the same brand recognition as the brands you admire. 

    You have the power to design a logo that communicates exactly what you want to your audience. A good design takes multiple logo ideas and drafts. With some effort and creative inspiration, you can produce an awesome logo. 

    Here are 5 easy tips to help you create a logo you’ll be proud to share with your customers. 

    Generate Logo Ideas

    The best logos take time to develop. The artistic process includes brainstorming and drafting. If you want to build brand awareness, you have to think about how your audience will perceive your logo. 

    1. Know Your Brand 

    Your logo serves as an introduction to your brand. It’s a chance to communicate your core values and engage your target audience. If your logo is confusing or boring, you’ve just earned a bad impression. 

    Once you start drafting design ideas think about what you stand for and why your company exists. It’s a good idea to revisit your mission statement, your services, and your target audience. When these elements are present in your logo you highlight why your company is unique.

    2. Research Your Industry 

    Spend time looking at competitor logos. Examine which logos are most successful and wrap your head around different designs. This process helps you start on your own design by gaining inspiration from other brands.

    3. Color is Key

    You shouldn’t just pick your favorite colors for your logo.

    Color research has revealed different colors have different psychological effects and subjective interpretations. These differences matter. You’ll want to select colors that make sense for your brand and command attention.

    Make sure to keep the colors to a minimum because too many colors can be distracting. Remember you won’t always be printing or sharing your logo in color. A good logo must also work in black and white.

    4. Use Negative Space

    Your logo takes up a small amount of space but that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish a lot. The best logos use positive and negative space to communicate meaningful messages. This type of creativity also makes your logo more memorable. 

    5. Keep it Simple Stupid 

    Less is more in the design world. Simple logos can be scaled appropriately when using them in different mediums. If your logo can be drawn easily in the sand then you’ve created a powerful design.

    If you’re struggling to craft your own design, you can take advantage of a free logo maker to get the job done. 

    The Bottom Line

    You can influence your public perception. If you spend the time to explore logo ideas, you can pinpoint your ideal public image. 

    After you create the right logo, you can move onto branding other elements of your company. Here are some great website design tips to maximize your branding efforts. 


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