Kimera Koffee Product Review

    Kimera Koffee Combines Local Coffee with a Boost of Brain Vitamins

    Kimera Koffee is a Dominican Republica based coffee startup is bringing the coffee style of their country to a broader audience.

    They source their coffee fro the DR’s finest ground coffee beans as the company suggests that their product will assist with brain and energy boosting vitamins to above and beyond traditional caffeine.

    Their roasts are locally grown, single-estate artisan coffee beans that are packaged with 725mg of premium grade Nootropics. These specific amino acids that are reported to increase power output, focus, and cognition.

    Kimera name comes from the mythological Chimera—a hybrid of two different creatures.

    “Our logo is a half man, half-beast that represents you as a person and who you want to become,” said Pimentel. “We’re trying to encourage people to evolve and strive for better, and our coffee can give them the tools to do that.”

    We tested the Kimera Koffee Dominican Coffee Select as I tried to replace my usual espresso (which I’m unable to do with regular drip coffee).

    The taste is smooth and flavorful as it has almost a subtle black cherry taste to it. So the taste profile meets my expectations. Regarding waking me up (I’m not a morning person), it did a good job at making me more alert without making me jittery. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a more powerful punch as I had to drink less coffee to wake up without compromising taste. The only area I would improve on is the roast that I tested tasted a little more like decaf coffee as it lacks the bitterness traditional coffee possesses (which I love).

    But I do recommend giving Kimera Koffee a try to see if fits your daily coffee routine.

    Check out their website:


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