KFC’s Fried Chicken Flavored Nail Polish Gives Chicken Fingers a Whole New Meaning!

    Elaborate nail art is one of the hottest and most versatile beauty trends. The best part about it is everyone can rock the look. Even if you can’t afford the $2700.00 Gigi Hadid chrome manicure she debuted at the Met Gala, you know you can hit up Walgreen’s and find something similar from OPI or Essie for under ten bucks!

    Whatever your style, length, or nail shape, the options are endless and there really are no rules. You can be demure with pinks and nudes or bold and bright, and if you haven’t got the knack for nail art, which let’s face it, it’s hard enough not painting all over your own cuticles, splurge and pay for a $30 to $50 manicure for a special occasion!

    And if you think beat up, gnawed on nails are no big deal – think again. Studies have shown that first impressions are important, and women with neat, clean, and well-manicured nails make a better impression in job interviews than women who don’t think anyone is paying attention to their jagged, misshapen talons!

    If you still aren’t convinced that spending time and money on a weekly polish is worth it, maybe KFC can change your mind. The popular fast food franchise has broken into the beauty biz, and they are selling fried chicken flavored nail polish! Beauty company Ogilvy and Mather teamed up with the fast food giant to create a line of edible nail polish that comes in original recipe and spicy! In a recent interview, a rep for Ogilvy and Mather told the New York Times, “It tastes like chicken. It’s crazy.” Yes, it is crazy, and also slightly intriguing!

    Personally, the smell of fried chicken on my fingers is not all that appealing, but no judgment if that’s your thing! The polishes, which are sadly only sold in Hong Kong (for now), are pretty cute in terms of color, and would make a great addition to any nail polish addict’s collection. Original is a subtle nude and spicy has a glossy orange hue that is reminiscent of fall. Only one color/flavor will make it officially to retail, based on consumer interest, and so far, reps for the venture say people are leery of trying the edible polish.

    Apparently, you use the polish just like any other except once it dries you lick it to your heart’s content! I can’t tell if I’m grossed out or really curious. I know it’s a novelty item and not something I’d want in my everyday beauty arsenal, but the fingernail licking thing has my germ phobia going bonkers. Hands are disgusting petri-dishes of bacteria and germs. Just the thought of licking dirty fingers that taste like fried chicken makes me want to puke. It still, however, hasn’t diminished my desire to at least smell the stuff and lick it once.

    The whole concept of edible nail polish got me thinking, however. You know KFC and Ogilvy didn’t invent the technology, so that means there’s other edible polish products on the market! A quick search on the internet didn’t disappoint. If you, like me, need to know what this witchery is all about, here are some options you can test out until the KFC polish makes its way stateside.

    • Kid Licks: These are organic non-toxic polishes for kids that are completely edible. It’s a brilliant idea because kids want to pain their nails but they also have their fingers in their mouth all the time. Not quite along the same lines as fried chicken flavored polish, but a brilliant idea all the same!
    • Hello Kitty Flavored Nail Polish: Bubble Gum, Apple, Mixed Berries, Cotton Candy, Blueberry and Bubblegum flavors – who would even want fried chicken flavor?!
    • This entire site: seriously, this exporter from China has every flavor you could imagine in polishes and cuticle oils to flavored nail polish remover! This seems super unhealthy…

    NSFW announcement: If you decide you want to do a Google search for flavored nail polish, be prepared for foot fetish sites to pop up! Apparently, edible toe nail polish is a thing.

    Would you try the KFC polish or does this utterly gross you out?



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