Charlie Brown Peanuts Gang Celebrity Lookalikes

    celebrity lookalikes charlie brown_jude law

    ABC Network airs It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on October 29, 2015 (check your local listings for times) and we get our yearly Halloween dose of the entire Peanuts gang’s holiday antics. This year, as you watch Charlie Brown fall on his back trying to kick a football or Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch all night long, take a closer look. What you might discover while indulging in this cult classic favorite is that some of your favorite celebrities look eerily similar to this frisky group of kids—like dead-ringers.

    GOOD GRIEF it is creepy…

    Charlie Brown Peanuts Gang Celebrity Lookalikes

    Charlie Brown: Celebrity Doppelgänger Jude Law

    celebrity lookalikes charlie brown_jude lawCharlie Brown might be lacking in social skills and not very cool, but if he grows up to be anything like Jude Law, he has nothing to worry about. Our dear friend Charlie Brown just might be a celebrity diamond-in-the-rough. With Law’s killer looks and suave demeanor (not to mention mad acting skills), I would say Charlie has a good future ahead of him being a lady killer—the Little Red-Haired Girl will no doubt be one of many ladies he steals the hearts of. He certainly won’t be getting rocks in his trick-or-treat bag looking like this British hunk.

    *Fun fact about Charlie Brown: His dad is a barber just like Charles Schulz’s father was.

    Lucy Van Pelt: Celebrity Doppelgänger Katy Perry

    celebrity lookalikes kay perry_lucy_Peanuts

    With their matching raven-haired bobs and fiery spirit, Lucy van Pelt (who knew she had a last name?!) is a dead giveaway for stunning songbird Katy Perry. Perhaps all that roaring Lucy does in her rants and raves is just prepping her for a future career as a celebrity songstress. Lucy can certainly learn a thing or two about being more of a lady and less of a bully from Katy and Perry can learn how to knife-wield, stab a pumpkin and “kill it” from van Pelt.

    *Fun Fact about Lucy: Lucy often speaks out for women’s rights and has high aspirations to one day be president and a queen.

    Linus Van Pelt: Celebrity Doppelgänger Michael Cera

    Michael Cera Linus side by side

    Lucy’s little brother Linus is Michael Cera. I think they just might be one in the same. Trade the blue blanket for a geekster-chic hoodie and alas, you have Linus all grown up. With his soft-spoken tone, his sweet character, and his half-glass full outlook on life, Linus and Michael seem to have more than just matching aesthetics in common (and we love the twinsies striped shirts!).

    *Fun Fact about Linus: He wore glasses for a short time. Snoopy constantly stole them to torment him.

    Sally Brown: Celebrity Doppelgänger Lady Gaga

    Sally Gaga Side by Side

    Oh, that flipped blond hair, spit-fire personality, and carefree attitude, Sally is a dead ringer for Lady Gaga. She might be a bit flighty in her youth (and her crushing on Linus her “Sweet Babboo” might be extreme), but if Sally grows up to be anything like Lady Gaga, she will be ruling the planet. The others in the gang should be leery of her, especially if she winds up being anything like Gaga’s character in American Horror Story Hotel.

    *Fun Fact about Sally: For 6 months, Sally experienced amblyopia (“lazy eye”) and wore an eye patch.

    Woodstock: Celebrity Doppelgänger Justin Bieber

    woodstock bieber side by side

    No words needed. Bieber is clearly rocking the “Woodstock.”

    *Fun Fact about Woodstock: Woodstock was first seen in the comic strip in 1967 but was named in 1970 after the summer music festival.

    One final note: Though the kids of Peanuts are ageless, we cannot help but wonder where DYFS is through all of their adventures? Who lets their children trick-or-treat alone in the dark? Furthermore, who allows a small kid to sleep in a pumpkin patch overnight unattended? Just sayin’.

    *Fun facts courtesy of
    Peanuts Cartoon images: Charles M. Schultz
    Celebrity photo credits:,,,,


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