It’s Shark Week! Here’s How To Avoid Becoming Shark Bait At The Beach

    It’s a hot summer day and you are ready to hit the beach. There is only one thing that could put a damper on your fun in the sun… You guessed it, a shark bite! Most of us are so excited to cool off in the waves, we don’t even hear the dinner bell ringing.

    With ‘Shark Week’ upon us, and big-budget movies like the family-friendly Finding Dory or Blake Lively’s The Shallows, which is about to be released into theaters, everyone is deep-sea obsessed. However, as much as we all love the adaptation of the unknown, no one wants to become the next ocean headline. By disposition, sharks are undoubtably the ultimate Kings of the Water-world. They may be majestic to look at, but never forget, they are natural-born hunters. That is simply the nature of the beast, both figuratively and literally speaking. So how can you safely enjoy all of your favorite salty adventured activities without having to worry about hearing the dreaded ominous tones of under-water horror?

    New Theory breaks down the basics… For seven days straight, it is sink or swim, eat or be eaten, punch that mofo in the nose and just keeping swimming.


    Here is your ‘Shark Week’ guide to avoiding becoming bait this summer.

    • Do not mimic their nemesis ( Steering clear of dolphins, seals and seabirds is advised). Balancing on surfboards or wearing wet suits can create the illusion that you are prey from a shark’s perspective. I know it may be difficult, but try your hardest to look undesirable. #DAMGINA
    • Always swim, dive, surf, with other individuals (big groups or at the very least, a partner) – never alone. Sharks target those who are alone because they do not want to have to struggle when feasting. Plus, dealing with a scramble may even be damaging to their teeth- and they simply cannot have that.
    • Be alert of your surrounding environment.
    • Find a surfer’s paradise. Don’t swim in waters which have already had attacks or where sharks have congregated to in the past. Sharks are creatures of habit. If you do not know the details about an area, I would contact authorities, lifeguards and seek out specific regional info.
    • Skip swimming after heavy showers and rainfall. Typically after a storm, fresh water fish of all varieties, including the ferocious JAWS, have a tendency to migrate into areas that they would not traditionally frequent.
    • Stay away from sandbars, trenches, near steep drop-offs or other areas with a high volume of shark activity.
    • Only swim in clear water- where you can see what you are swimming among. No dirty or murky water for this guy, sorry Jersey Shore.
    • Leave the shiny jewelry at home. The shimmer and reflection is a tempting treat for sharks of all species.
    • Do not wear bright, bold colored bikinis or swimsuits that stimulate the scales of fish. There are countless types of fish in the sea, of all shapes and beautifully tropical colors, don’t look like one!
    • Believe it or not, uneven tan-lines and contrasting skin colors are known to attract the sea beast. Stay evenly rotated when toasting in the sands.
    • Do not swim at dusk or at night. Aside from the fact that it is harder to see, those are prime time feeding hours- otherwise prepare for a foodie frenzy. Sunny, clear days are the best.
    • Refrain from excessive splashing if you want to prevent a sharkfest.
    • Keep your pets and domestic animals out of the water. Their movement is unpredictable as is a hungry shark.
    • Avoid swimming where individuals are boating, fishing, or sewage outfalls. Other distressed fish, especially ones caught in nets or on a hook, signal sharks to hustle on
    • Do not spread blood or other human waste. Sharks have a strong sense of smell to gravitate towards that way. If you have a cut, exposed wound, or are menstruating, do not go out far for open swim.
    • If you see a school of fishies begin to behave erratically, or swim fast in larges numbers-  I’d calmly, yet quickly get out of the water.
    • Think like a shark.giphy


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