Island of Puppies!?! Sign us up…


    I know what you’re thinking, this is probably going to be the best article ever because who doesn’t love dogs? TRUE. Imagine a place where you can hike and play with friendly dogs ALL DAY LONG… just.. when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. This is a real place. Uhmmm.. where do we sign up?

    Location: Costa Rica. Dog Population: 900 canines. Territorio de Zaguates is an island of multiple breeds with unique names like “Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzer” and “Fire-Tailed Border Cocker”… I know, so cute! This privately funded, volunteer-run, no-kill animal shelter at the Northern tip of Costa Rica is the place to go if your’e looking to adopt.


    If you’re like me, you can say with a happy heart and a big smile that animals are one way to brighten anyone’s day. I call myself a Devoted Animal Lover, so when I came across the “Land of the Strays” on Facebook, I immediately said to myself, “I have to go there!” This is an absolute must for the #BucketList!


    Check it out here:


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