Is It 5 O’Clock Yet? Dress From The Boardroom To The Bar


    If you’re like us, we’ve got a case of the Mondays and #HappyHour could not come soon enough.

    Don’t like lugging around a bag full of clothes? No time to change? No problem.

    Just because you’re in  business professional attire doesn’t mean you have to skip a night out on the town.

    Versatility is everything when it comes to fashion. Switching up pieces for new looks, adding or taking away to go from day to night; style is knowing how to wear your look and make it work no matter what the situation.

    With fashion, you always have to think ahead.

    When you get dressed in the morning, figure out what your after work plans consist of. Romantic dinner? Game with the guys? Happy hour to start the weekend off right?

    Once you have determined your plans, start creating your look from there. Pick the main pieces you plan on keeping on all day and mix up the ones that aren’t that difficult to switch on the fly.

    If you’re not a fan of packing a bag for an entire wardrobe change before you clock out, this is how you’re going to take your look from boardroom to bar effortlessly.

    1. Sweaters and Blazers

     UnknownLadies: It’s chilly in your office anyway. The right sweater or jacket can make can turn any look professional in a matter of seconds. If you like the summer maxi or midi you have hanging in your closet, dress it up with a bold statement piece and a light colored blazer or jacket. As long as you look put together, this combo will kill it in the business world. Later on, lose the sleeves and enjoy your night out cool and comfortable.



    Fellas:  Khakis and a blazer give off a lighter summer look while still keeping it business professional. Later in the evening, ditch the jacket & tie, and unbutton the shirt to have a dapper summer look that will help you fit right in to the nightlife scene.





    2. Shoesimages-3

    Ladies: Flip flops may not be acceptable in your place of work, but the right pair of sandals will be. There are so many sandal options today that go perfect with midi dresses and knee length skirts. Pumps everyday gets boring, a little platform or dressy wedge will keep you on your feet all day and night.



    images-4Fellas: All about the boat shoes. Although the may still be too causal for corporate, keep a pair under your desk at all times. This way you can leave the dress shoes behind safely and be comfortable for the rest of the night.




    3. Refresh 

     Always make sure you have refreshening items with you!

    Ladies: powder your nose and retouch your makeup. Have a couple of bobby pins and hair ties on you just incase of a night time heat scorch. Add on to you lighter office make up in order to achieve that dark night out smokiness, or if you’re headed to a more beach bar location, take it all off! The beach and make up don’t really go together anyway.

    Fellas:  A little cologne and deodorant go a long way. You want to feel clean when you hit happy hour, not stuff like you’ve been stuck inside all day- even though you have.

    Fashion doesn’t have to be hard and neither does picking out the right outfit for every occasion. Like anything else, start with a good base and build up from there.

    If you’re fresh out of ideas, here are some of our favorite looks of you to keep in mind!





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