iPhone Photography Hacks That Will Help You Click the Best Photos On Your Trip


    Besides checking into a comfortable yet affordable hotel and researching all about the places that you would want to hit once you reach your destination, another crucial part of any trip are the photos that you click throughout. Photos make for an essential part of any travel plans because these are the ones that you shall fall back on when you feel like jogging your memory about the trip. Therefore, it shall not be too much of an exaggeration if we say that some people take travel photography a bit too seriously. Some aspiring photographers also learn how to download a youtube video mac and learn the ropes of travel photography. It is not necessary for you to have an SLR to click the best pictures on your trip. 

    You can very well make use of the phone that you have on you and click pictures that could speak galore about your vacation. Smartphones can help you with your travel photography well enough; however, if you have an iPhone at your disposal, you might be able to do a lot more with your photography skills. Having said that, in this article, we shall look into all the ways you can make optimal use of your iPhone and click the best pictures on the trip of your lifetime.

    Make Use of the Volume Button

    This might not seem like an incredible photography hack, but you shall understand how important it is when you try to click selfies. You do not have to try to fashion your fingers into a claw so that you can press the button on the screen. You can press the volume button instead and click a selfie. This is the same as using the shutter button on your camera. It is a much easier way to click as many selfies as you want without having to hurt your hands trying to make it into a claw. Here is an additional tip for you. You can also use the plus (+) button on your earphones in case you want to stay further away from the camera.

    Use the Burst Mode of Your Phone

    iPhones allow you to take continuous photographs by holding down the shutter icon. This is known as the burst mode, and it is advisable that you make generous use of this feature. The burst mode comes in quite handy when you are in a moving car or a part of a fast-paced event. It helps you click multiple photos and makes it easy for you to select the one that works the best for you. You can use this feature the best if you are on a fairground ride. However, even if you are not on a fairground, you can use this feature to the best of your abilities and take multiple and continuous shots.

    Use the Focus of Your Camera

    This tip is pretty basic and not something that you would think needs much attention. However, you would be surprised to know that most people do not know how to use the focus of their phone camera. You could use tens of thousands of photo editing apps, but none of them shall make any sense or prove useful unless you know how to focus on the object within the frame. Having said that, here is what you must do. Gently tap on the area of your phone screen where the subject is placed. This will help you focus on the object. This trick also works exceptionally well if you want to take some close-up pictures of objects placed close to the lens, however, with a blurry background.

    Try the Auto HDR Feature

    You might also want to try out the auto HDR feature of your iPhone to take professional-looking pictures while traveling. HDR or high dynamic range helps you enhance the quality of pictures. This is how it works. The feature mixes the best parts of three different exposures and tweaks the quality of the photos that you click. You can use the auto HDR feature of your iPhone camera to click pictures of landscapes and various other elements of nature. The HDR mode of your iPhone camera shall bestow upon your photos a definition that works like magic when you have to click pictures on your trip.

    Wrapping Up

    There are several other features that you can use on your iPhone while clicking photos with it. Plus, there are also a number of photo editing apps and in-built tools that iPhones are packed with. You might want to do some research on them if you want to dial up your photographic skills. However, if you want to hone your basic photographic skills with your iPhone, the tips that we have mentioned above shall suffice and help you make memories for a lifetime.


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