Interview with Celebrated Composer Tony Chen – New Theory Podcast

    A gifted composer with a delicate sound, Tony Chen is the embodiment of pure talent and selflessness. His East-West background allows his music to transcend culture and genres to bring his listeners unique experiences through music. A celebrated composer dedicated to his craft, Tony instills feelings of hope, serenity, and magnificence in each composition. Tony does not follow the commercial trends of the industry, instead he creates music that is beneficial to people’s well-being and aims to make the world a better place by maintaining moral standards for all. Tony is guided by the main principles of Falun Gong: truthfulness, compassion and tolerance. His mission is to bring peace to his audience through his music, like his spirituality has brought him. Tony’s background and experiences have had a profound influence on him, making him the inspirational musician the music industry has been waiting for.
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