Inspiring UNCW Student Maddie Bowen Fundraises to Volunteer in Nicaragua

    Maddie Bowen, a sophomore at University of North Carolina Wilmington, is going abroad to Nicaragua for two weeks in the Summer of 2017 through GIVE (Growth International Volunteer Excursions).

    She plans to help local children with reading, writing, and speaking English, as well as build homes for single mothers and families displaced by sea level rise in Jiquilillo on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

    Then on Little Corn Island, she will help implement breakwater systems to preserve the coastline and in turn protect homes, businesses, and the only fresh water source on the island. As a volunteer, she will also get locals engaged in a recycling program on the island.

    Long Branch Beach Sweep, NJ (7/7/16)

    She studies Business Entrepreneurship and Environmental Studies and is actively involved with UNCW Plastic Ocean Project and Surfrider Club: two student organizations that work to inspire and educate for cleaner coastlines and a healthier planet.

    “I’ve always been a service-oriented person, and my love for protecting the planet goes beyond words,” Maddie says, “As a young girl, I worked to implement a recycling program at my elementary school, and as I grew up I volunteered through a variety of different programs including Hurricane Sandy Relief, Relay For Life, Special Olympics, and more.”

    Now, as a young adult, she primarily volunteers her time to beach sweeps on the North Carolina and New Jersey coasts and educating locals about plastic pollution and other threats to our oceans. She was also part of a group of driven students who helped establish a Hope Spot off of Cape Hatteras through Mission Blue.

    “I’m always looking to help others along with helping the planet. So when I heard about GIVE (Growth International Volunteer Excursions), I was hooked. I’m beyond ready to take my love for volunteering abroad,” Maddie tells us.

    Her only obstacle is the finances. A trip like this can be pricey, but she has gotten so much support from her friends and family–he is more than halfway to her goal!

    “The thing about being a college student is: I’m extremely motivated, I have two capable hands, two strong legs, and a full heart, but not enough money to make this trip possible on my own.”

    Any donation is extremely appreciated as it will allow her to head to an undeveloped country to volunteer her time and energy to protect the environment of these beautiful islands and communities. You can help Maddie guide children in their English which will open their horizons to better jobs in the future.

    Long Branch Beach Sweep, NJ (7/7/16)

    The money she raises through this campaign will go towards her transportation to and from the islands as well as transportation on the islands, food and clean drinking water, security, and volunteer materials and projects.

    “I can gurantee you that your donation will go a long way as this trip will inspire and make a difference that will last years to come. Each donation will be positively impacting communities of Nicaragua that are in need.“

    Maddie is an extremely dedicated young adult that puts her heart into everything that she does. If anyone deserves to go on this trip, it’s her. She will truly make her time count while she is there and she will make a difference for people in need.

    You go girl! Keep inspiring us!

    If you are just as inspired as we are, check out her GoFundMe page here:

    More information can be found at this here: GIVE – Nicaragua Excursion Initiatives

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