Improve Profits Through Better Mobile App Design

    Solid app design is about more than an eye-catching layout and pleasing aesthetics. While a professional looking interface is important, the same way a clean and comfortable store or establishment would be offline, customers must be able to navigate and find what they’re looking for easily. An app that looks good but isn’t intuitive to the user will ultimately be traded in for one that is. An app that works in service of the user does more than just boost engagement, it can generate more revenue for an enterprise as well; read on to learn about how to make your mobile app more profitable.

    Choose Push Notifications That Are Geo-Targeted

    When users receive a message from an app, they want it to be relevant to them individually, and one way to capitalize on this is by targeting users based on where they live. An application that sells concert tickets for example might choose to notify a previous customer when one of their favourite musical acts is returning to the city or neighbourhood they live in. This connects with the user’s interests on a personal level while also enticing them to make a purchase for an upcoming event.

    Allow Users To Upgrade For An Affordable Price

    Popular applications like Spotify offer a free download for all users who want to listen to music on-demand, and the company keeps this basic version afloat through ad revenue. However, for users that don’t want to listen to the advertisements, or suggested songs they might not care to hear, and for those users that disdain waiting a certain amount of time before being able to skip tracks – the company offers a premium upgrade for a small price. They also advertise this premium package on the free version, marketing it further.

    Find Innovative Ways To Engage Your Audience

    Other businesses that have profited from high quality app design are those who’ve employed the expertise of Toronto and Montreal-based web developer, Guaraná Technologies. Doctor World is one app meeting a unique need, enabling patients to connect to doctors in their area based on what languages they speak which is extremely helpful in a multicultural city with a high immigration rate. The app is simple and accessible even to those who are unfamiliar with using mobile devices. The AirBreath app conversely addresses a universal health concern, detecting where the most pollutants are in a region, how they affect the air quality of an area, and it covers extreme weather warnings too. Visit Guaraná to browse a bevvy of top-tier apps that have changed the way people interact with mobile app technology, and how they can help you get your mobile app idea off the ground.

    These high quality apps work because the owners know their target market well. The developer then researches and tests user flow and logic to create the most intuitive interfaces, while the apps themselves are free to download, attracting curious consumers. When a mobile app provides users with a positive experience, and meets a specific need, they will continue engaging. They may even upgrade to better versions for a small fee, or at least recommend it to friends – increasing the potential for the app’s growth, reach, and profitability down the line.


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