I Promise To Love You Limitlessly – Poem by Felix

    You will have no reason whatsoever to trust me when I’ll tell you you​ how I feel. When I’ll tell you how much I’d love for you to be mine, and that’s okay.

    I will refrain from telling you all the sweet words that are flooding my mind, banging against my head just looking for a way to you, the intended. But when the words will be too much to hold in, I’ll take my chances.

    I promise to love you and all there is about you. I promise to love you in times when you are all put together. In times when you light up. I want to love you in times when your heart knows nothing but happiness.

    I promise to love you when you are all broken inside. I promise to love you when you are a mess. I promise to love you in times you wish I wasn’t there to see you in the state you are. I promise to love you in times when sadness is written all over your heart.

    I promise to love your brokenness. To learn the darkest parts of your heart. I don’t want to be the one who judges you, rather the one who appreciates all that you are. I want to learn your heart. The ways of it.

    I promise to be the center post that supports you. I want to be with you in every step of the way as you chase after your dreams. I want to be a part of your dreams. To be the one who keeps reminding you of that which awaits at the end of it all.

    I promise to be your person. To be there for you when the darkness hits. To be the one you’ll scramble with in search for a way out. The one whose hand you will always have to hold. The one whose shoulder you will unlimitedly have access to. I want to always be there for you, for our love.

    I promise to be by your side when it all goes down.

    I promise to be there when it’s cold and dark. When you are all scared and shaken. I want to be there to hold you, to look in your eyes and tell you that I will scared for both of us. I want to feel your pain.

    Guest Contribution by Felix Ochieng


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