Hypocrisy – Poetry Submission

    New Theory Poetry Series


    This reflection

    Is not mine; yet his intention

    Invites this insidious infection

    That leaves innocence in question.

    My soul is in shambles

    My sorrow flows in rambles 

    The reflection molds and dismantles

    Me with all I’ve handled.

    My personality mirrors split

    Valid violently veers adrift

    My fear is a gift

    Given from the Satanic Sith. 

    New job less than a week after graduation,

    Hey congratulations; you’ve had the patience

    For the little things; grow while gracious.

    A matured man reaches through the matrix. 


    • Twenty two years old with too much experience when it comes to hardship. I've used both music and poetry to shine light to the darkness that I've endured. For nine years I've written and recorded rap lyrics. Now working with New Theory to provide you with reality rhymes within BalladsbyValid's poetry.