How Women Can Crack the Code of the Male-Oriented Corporate World

    Corporate America is still a man’s world. Women enter it not knowing the unwritten rules and expectations that their male co-workers play by. Until women become aware of these unspoken norms, they can unknowingly destroy any potential advancement and doom their careers.

    A new book by Marja Norris, The Unspoken Code: A Businesswoman’s No-Nonsense Guide to Making It in the Corporate World (Greenleaf Press, August 2017), gives insider tips on what some of these important codes entail. Norris spent 30 years rising through the ranks of the world of finance. From having to office in the break room to needing to stifle her cheerful nature, she learned how women must adapt without diminishing their own talents.

    The Unspoken Code describes how men are more socialized for the business world. They’re taught to react quickly and stifle their emotions. She shares examples of gender differences in the workplace, including how men are allowed to get angry, but when women are mad they’re considered bitchy or too emotional. Men also tend to make quick decisions, while women like to gather the facts before deciding.

    Throughout the book, Marja Norris coaches women in how to convey a professional image at all times. Readers learn specific strategies for surviving in the workplace through her “ABCs of empowerment” — Attitude, Behavior and Confidence.  From curtailing unprofessional behavior like gossiping or flirting, to dressing and grooming with impeccable care, she deciphers the ways women can ascend in their careers and “play ball with the men.”

    The Unspoken Code helps women shed any sense of inadequacy in their male-dominated work environments and make the needed adjustments to assume the role of the confident professional through empowerment and poise.

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