How To Survive Wedding Season When You’re Single

    Wedding season is upon us.

    With each invitation opened, you know there will be another monumental night added to the list of this summer’s memories.

    Getting red carpet ready, dancing and drinking the night away with your friends, watching the people you love start a beautiful life together; everything about going to a wedding is awesome- well almost everything.

    Flying solo to a wedding nowadays may not seem as appealing as it once did. As you get older and everyone you know starts partnering up, attending without a plus one can make you feel some type of way.

    What will people think? How will you react if people ask you where your date is?

    Don’t worry, single status partying doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.

    You’re going to singlehandedly slay this wedding season, and this is how:

    1. Bring Your BFF

    It doesn’t matter if your best friend is a guy or a girl, make a night out of it and have the time of your life. Hello? There’s an open bar. Why wouldn’t you want your partner in crime at your side while you take down way to many shots of free, top shelf tequila?

    The party won’t stop when the wedding ends either. One of the biggest trends that brides and grooms are putting into action today are wedding after parties.

    Best friend? Free drinks? After party? Who needs a significant other anyway?

    2. Find An After Party BAE

    At every wedding, there is bound to be a really hot single cousin that you never met before.

    Walk in that venue with your head held high, hang with your buddies and put on your prowl eyes. Sometimes showing up to a wedding with a date will throw off potential suitors who don’t know you’re single.

    Not having a date there to tie you down means you can give your undivided attention to the hottie at table 6, and you don’t have to feel guilty about blowing anyone off.

    3. Rock The Solo Status

    Nothing says, “I DON’T NEED NO MAN !”, [or woman] like slowly dancing by yourself whenever sappy songs come on. This may not sound that enticing, but take it from someone who wasn’t afraid to interpretive dance to John Legend’s All of Me, all by herself- people will think you’re the coolest person ever.

    Being able to laugh at yourself and have a good time is so much more appealing than sitting on the sidelines with a piss face because you don’t have someone to hold you during a cliche slow dance. This isn’t 8th grade. Have fun, embrace your single days.

    Plus you never know who will suddenly grab your hand…

    4. Use The Irish Exit

    No matter how much you love the bride and groom, sometimes weddings get to the point of, “get me out of here”. Let me bestow upon you the greatest escape plane ever; The Irish Exit.

    When you’re at a wedding with a date who doesn’t know anyone or just by yourself, it’s so easy to slip the card into the thank you box and slip out without all the big hugs and good-byes.

    It’s not rude. Everyone will be so busy that night that leaving without grabbing the bride and groom will almost be appreciated. You can kick off your shoes, walk out of there feeling accomplished and continue with your fabulously single life.

    And, who knows? Maybe the stud from table 6 is even stumbling out with you.

    Not having, “& Guest” written on your place card really isn’t that tragic. You go to weddings to have a good time and embrace the union of two amazing people. Leave your ego at home, lace up your dancing shoes and show the world how good single looks on you.

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    • Tom La Vecchia

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      Founder and Publisher of New Theory Magazine and Podcast. Serial Entrepreneur who loves wine, cigars and anything that allows to people to connect and share experiences.

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