How to Properly Clean a Wax Warmer? 

    Being a professional waxing technician, cleaning the wax warmer is very crucial for you to protect your investment. Keep the outside of the warmer pot neat and clean always. It won’t let the wax build-up and prevent sticky residue. A messy wax warmer can spread bacteria and make your salon unhygienic. 

    Proper cleaning and maintenance of the wax warmer will prove you a professional waxer and make your salon favorable to clients. So, today, we come here to teach you how to properly clean a wax warmer. We will share some easier steps to make your job done easily. Let’s start: 

    Techniques To Clean a Wax Warmer Safely and Effectively:

    1. Try to clean off the outside of the wax pot regularly so that any sticky wax residue can’t build up. If you find any drips, clean off them using a waxing strip with a few drops of baby oil. You have to give more effort to cleaning dried-on cold wax. You better use an effective wax warmer cleaner for this purpose. 

    2. Cleaning wax warmer regularly is highly recommended. Because if you clean off the drips daily, it won’t get sticky, thus you can get off them quickly. You can warm the pot before cleaning to do the task easily. When you tend to warm the pot, it will melt the sticky wax and you can easily clean them. Avoid heating the por when there’s no wax in it because overheating can break down the device. 

    3. Let’s learn how to clean burnt wax warmer “ Just click here”. When dealing with dried cold wax in the inner chamber, warm up the pot to slightly higher temperatures until the dried wax gets melted. After melting the drips, put off the inner bucket carefully and remove the melted wax thoroughly. Don’t forget to disinfect the waxing bowl. Use boiling water or a few drops of rubbing alcohol for sterilizing. You may follow videos on YouTube about how to clean wax warmer bowls. 

    4. It’s very important to be cautious when cleaning old waxes. Avoid using a liquid wax cleaner down the drain to clean old waxes. It can block the drain and cause further damage to pipes. 

    5. First, empty the inner bucket and cool it down. After cooling, pour the liquid wax cleaner and wash it thoroughly. Never use liquid wax cleaner when the pot is too hot. It can create smoke and evaporated steam that can result in your inhaling problem. 

    6. Try to use a quality wax cleaner like mineral baby oil or ready-made was cleaner. Using an effective cleaner is recommended. After cleaning, it’s time to soak up the liquid from the inner chamber. For this, you better use a wax strip or a kitchen spatula to soak up the liquid so that there’s no risk of burning your fingers. Keep repeating the steps until the old waxes are completely cleaned up. 

    7. Cool down the heating chamber and wash off the bottom. Use a few drops of rubbing alcohol for cleaning excess oil. Don’t use it outside the pot. 

    8. If there’s any stray wax outside the pot, clean them using an effective wax solvent. Make sure that you have soaked up the liquid using a paper towel or waxing strip. Finally, disinfect the inner bucket using rubbing alcohol or boiled water. 

    Final Thoughts: 

    As you can see, this post is covered up with some easier steps on how to properly clean a wax earner. If you are going to start a salon, these quicker steps are more effective than you think. Let’s utilize it and make your salon more hygienic.


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