How to Pick Sunglasses That Suit Your Face

    Although there are only about fifty basic frame styles, the variations on those styles just keep on coming, so that there are literally thousands of sunglasses for you to choose from.  How do you make your choice? Do you wait until an in-store pair catch your eye? Do you choose what your favourite celebrity wears? Do you go online and trawl through endless pairs until you lose the will to live? Or do you just stick with the Wayfarers because someone once told you that Wayfarers look good on everyone.  There’s no single accessory that can transform your look as dramatically as a pair of sunglasses, but if you want that to be a transformation in a good way, you need to give your purchase a little premeditation.

    Accept Your Face Shape

    Ok so none of us actually have faces shaped liked diamonds or rectangles, so shelve that indignation, they are just general ideas to help you think about your face shape.  Take a long hard look in the mirror.  Which is the widest part of your face?  Do you have a large forehead? A big chin?  Is your face roundish or squarish?

    What Frame Shapes Will Suit Your Face?

    You want to avoid accentuating the characteristics of your face with your choice of frame.  If your face is round, round sunglasses will make it look rounder. If it is square shaped, chunky, square sunglass frames will make you look, well, square.  Choose frames which strike a balance with your features. This is not an exact science, though many sites seem to suggest otherwise. A change of hairstyle, for example can dramatically alter the appearance of your face.  Different brands all have their different takes on well-known styles like Aviator, Clubmaster and Wayfarer so take your time and find a variant that really suits you.


    Oversize is on trend at the moment and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a pair of oversize sunglasses, whatever your face shape.  They are of course statement sunglasses so since you are inviting attention, it’s particularly important that they fit you well. Oversize sunglasses shouldn’t rest on your cheeks or obscure your eyebrows.  They shouldn’t rise up, like Stan Laurel’s hat, when you smile. They shouldn’t be wider than your face, unless you really want that 1970’s Elton John look, and they shouldn’t be so heavy that they give you face-ache.


    Black is unproblematic but if you want to get a little more kaleidoscopic then you need to consider your hair color and yes gents that does include facial hair, and your eye color.  There are some brilliant acetate hues out there which look amazing on the stand, but which really won’t do your lovely auburn locks any favours. You can also have fun with lens colors but remember lens colors also affect your vision, blue for example combats digital eye strain.

    Ill Fitting Sunglasses Don’t Look Good on Anyone

    You wouldn’t buy a suit that doesn’t fit, so why would you buy sunglasses that don’t fit?  And yet people do. Frame width, temple length and bridge width are the key measurements. Take the trouble to get them right and your sunglasses will look much better and they will be more comfortable.


    • Joselin Estevez

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