How to Navigate Changes to Google Ads

    The number one rule to running successful Google Ads? Never become complacent. Just like their search algorithms, Google Ads’ parameters are constantly evolving to make sure that the most relevant and user-friendly information is ranking higher in results. 

    The most recent changes have been to their internal search parameters function. So, don’t get left in the dust! Let’s go over these new updates and how your Miami internet marketing agency can stay on top of them and keep making successful ad campaigns that bring in new leads. 

    New Algorithm

    This new algorithm will change the way that your information is seen by other websites and search sites, meaning some things you do might not be as effective as others from the past. New algorithms are much more strict about which information is trusted and awarded favorable conditions by Google. Establishing your information as an authority in your area is key to building a healthy relationship with Google’s ranking system. 

    One of the most important skills for any Miami internet marketing agency to learn is how to keep up with and adapt to changes in the way search engines and keywords work in conjunction with one another. Google makes these changes in order to improve the performance of its search capability, and so our approaches must improve in quality as well if we wish our ads to stay relevant 

    Improved Performance

    While these changes might seem like it is now harder to get your information ranked, Google tries to make it so that only the best information gets listed at all, meaning your approach will need to make itself much more refined and honest if you want it to do well and keep up with change. 

    You can usually get near the top spot by simply having the best information and being an authority in your niche, especially for small businesses with little competition. Using the data you collect from your campaigns will always be paramount to figuring out the next step, and changes to Google’s inner workings only means advertisers will need to adapt even further to change.

    Fewer Keyword Choices

    Because bidding for popular and simple keywords is dominated by big businesses, your internet marketing agency will need to make sure that you are bidding on keywords that make sense for your budget and will allow you to come out on top of the local competition without having to go up against the big national corporations. 

    Because changes to acceptable keywords are constantly being made it is important to update your keyword list regularly and use data collected from past campaigns to guide your choice in choosing new keywords. Keeping too many basic keywords will make your on-site SEO seem stale and will rank lower in search results.

    New Title Displays

    One of the big new changes will be the length of the displayed title on search results. Google has shortened and lengthened their displayed page titles in the past, so keep an eye out for these changes, as they could effect your older pages and how they show up in search results. You wouldn’t want to have long titles that get cut short by Google’s new algorithm, for example. 

    How your titles are displayed can have a greater impact in how your content is perceived than most people would think. If a title is too long and gets cut off by the character count, many people will simply skip over that link for one that looks cleaner and therefore trustworthy. 


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