How to Keep Your Feet Happy & Healthy


    The health of our feet isn’t something we think about often. We’ll consider it only after a long day spent in uncomfortable shoes, but we rarely take active steps to improve it because it simply doesn’t seem like something we should be worrying about. However, our feet are there to support our whole body, and if you want good posture and a healthy spine, you need to take them seriously. After all, they are supposed to take us through life and help us stay mobile, and we rely on them every single day to get us where we need to be. In order to avoid problems, we have to take proper care of them, and we’re here to show you how. For a few tips that will make your feet happy and healthy, just look below.

    Find yourself some good socks

    While certain footwear can be worn without socks, for the most part, socks do have a good purpose and you should never wear your shoes without them. It’s fine to wear flip flops and sandals on bare feet because those are open shoes so your sweat can easily evaporate and keep you dry, but if you’re wearing a closed model then it’s likely to soak up sweat and bacteria. It’s a quick way to make your shoes stink and give yourself an infection, so do invest in several pair of high-quality socks. They will soak and wick away moisture, and they will also provide cushioning to your soles and help prevent blisters.

    It’s recommended that you go for natural fibers like cotton and wool because they’re breathable and light, and synthetic materials can make your feet very smelly. However, sometimes professional athletic socks are a good idea—even though they’re made out of a mix of synthetic materials, they wick moisture faster and can help you stay dry when you’re doing sports or taking a long hike.

    Wear only cozy shoes


    Shoes are, of course, the most important part of having healthy feet. The material you choose is important, but so is the shape, especially when it comes to the sole. Thicker soles with good arch support are really great because they prevent additional strain and can make your feet hurt less. If you want to make sure you feel cozy, go for shoes like Crocks because they have a nice orthopedic shape that will feel great on your feet. Wear them around home, especially if your feet are swelling up and you can’t squeeze them into anything else. Other great shoes are thick sneakers, Birkenstock sandals, and dressy shoes with a thicker sole.

    If you want to know what kind of shoes to avoid, we’ll have to disappoint the ladies—heels are murder for your feet and your spine both. If you really like them it’s okay to wear them occasionally, or to choose a lower model with a thick, chunky heel that can actually provide some support. Wedge shoes, for example, are not a terrible choice. Another really bad option is almost the complete opposite—ballet flats. Yes, they’re flat, but the soles of them are usually so thin that they provide no support at all, and can cause strain if worn for a prolonged period of time.

    Use your feet


    Our feet have muscles that need to be exercised, just like any part of the body. Walking is one of the best things you can do for your posture and your health, so try to commit yourself to becoming more active. Even small things such as using the stairs instead of the elevator and walking back home instead of riding the bus can have a huge impact, so put on some sturdy sneakers and try to walk for at least half an hour a day.

    Pay attention to proper hygiene

    Smelly feet are no one’s idea of fun, and they can be a very embarrassing problem to have. If you want to avoid bad smells, fungal infections, and bacterial infections, you have to wash your feet frequently and wear breathable socks and shoes. It’s a good idea to wash your feet every single day if you are prone to sweating, and you have to make sure to wash properly between the toes. That’s where all the gunk usually piles up, and that’s where you’re most likely to get athlete’s foot or a similar infection. You should also keep your feet dry, so consider using talcum powder before pulling on your socks to help with this.

    Put your feet up


    Elevating your feet take off some of the pressure from the soles and can be really useful at improving your circulation. If they are aching after a long, hard day at work, then come home, sit down, and put them up to relieve some of the pain. You can stack a few pillows on top of each other or use a chair to do this. This is particularly important for people with a broken leg, or any other foot or leg related injury. Elevation will help the healing process, so do it often until it gets better.

    Remember, your feet are important. Take care of them through the use of our tips, and you’ll make them happy and healthy for a long time to come.


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