How To Help Your Hair Extensions Blend In With Your Natural Hair

    Imagine. How much fun it would be to be to have long hair in the blink of an eye instead of waiting months or years to grow it out? That is the kind of freedom and versatility that hair extensions provide. The reason why so many celebrities use hair extensions is to enhance their look. Hair extensions allow you to change your entire hairstyle in an instant, making it easy to experiment with as many different styles as you want. Of course, if you want your extensions to look natural, you need to use them correctly. Check out these tips to learn how to blend hair extensions seamlessly with your natural hair:

    Avoid extensions that are too long. If you love the look of long hair, you may be tempted to choose the longest extensions that you can find. Unfortunately, that is often a bad idea. Extremely long extensions have a tendency to look fake. A much better option is to choose hair extensions that range anywhere from about 16 to 22 inches. These still give you long hair but look a lot more natural than 30-inch extensions. When choosing extensions, think about the length of your current hairstyle. If your hair reaches your shoulders, 16 to 18-inch extensions are usually the best choice. If your hair is longer than that, you can get away with 20 to 24-inch extensions instead.

    You should also make sure that the texture of the hair extensions is a good fit for your natural hair – ombré hair have some beautiful extensions that work with many hair types.

    If you have fine hair, purchasing a 160 to 180 gram set of extensions will get the job done. For normal hair, 180 to 200 grams is a good choice. Thicker hair, on the other hand, should opt for a 220-gram set.

    Cut the extensions so that they blend in. When you first purchase your hair extensions, the ends of the hair will most likely be cut in a blunt style. Instead of wearing them as-is, you should bring them along with you to your hairstylist and ask them to cut them so that they blend with your natural hair. Typically, the best way to do this is to have your stylist add long layers to the extensions. That way, you can style them together with your natural hair to create a seamless look.

    Make sure the color is perfect. If the color of the extensions doesn’t perfectly match your hair, it will be obvious where your hair ends and the extensions begin. Choose a color that is the best possible match for your hair. From there, you may even want to add highlights or low lights to the extensions to help them blend in even more. Of course, this will only work on human hair extensions. You cannot color synthetic extensions. If you decide to go with synthetic hair, you will need to choose the perfect color right out of the gate.

    A curling iron can help the extensions blend in. Use the curling iron to curl pieces of your natural hair and hair from the extensions together. Because the curl direction of both types of hair will then match up, it will help the extensions blend in more. A heat protectant spray can go a long way toward protecting both your hair and your extensions. You can create a wavy look for summer by using a tool like the Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa.

    Consider washing them before you use them. Brand-new hair extensions are usually very glossy. This can make it harder for them to blend in with the rest of your hair. Fortunately, all that it takes to fix this problem is a simple washing. All that you have to do is wash the extensions with your usual shampoo and conditioner to remove the glossy sheen. Hang them up and allow them to dry naturally in the air. The following day, they should be dry and ready to use.

    Avoid using too many wefts of hair. When you purchase a set of hair extensions, you usually get 10 wefts in various widths and lengths. Most likely you won’t need to use all of the wefts that come in the set. Instead, start with a few large wefts and attach them at the bottom of your head, adding additional extensions as you work your way up. Make sure that you choose the right length for each section of your head. The medium-length wefts should be placed at the bottom of your head, while the longer wefts should be placed around the middle of your head. Any smaller pieces can be used around your face to help frame your features.


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