How To Hedge Your Investments For 2020

    When you are planning to hedge your investments in 2020, you need to find safe places to move your money. There are a few tips listed below that will help you save money for the future, and you will avoid major losses because your money is invested in stable things. Continue reading to find a simpler way to invest in 2020 so that you are not exposed to a lot of extra liability.

    Cannabis Stocks

    Cannabis is a growing industry that adds value every day, and you might start investing in the cannabis market because you want to invest in young companies that are growing. These companies are gaining value because cannabis has been legalized in several different places. As this happens, your cannabis stocks will rise in value.

    The best cannabis stocks 2019 options help you hedge your investments against a recession or major drops in the market. You might be intrigued by cannabis because you are investing in a company that is local to you. Also, you need to make sure that you have found a broker who will help you research these cannabis companies.

    Gold And Silver

    Gold and silver are stable investments that can be used to protect your portfolio. You can invest in the gold or silver market in several different ways. You might invest in the price of gold or silver because those prices are always rising. You could invest in gold or silver coins, and you might invest in companies that produce gold or silver products.

    Gold and silver are good investments for people who want to stabilize their investments, and you could spread out your investments over time. Plus, you might buy stocks in companies that sell gold and silver jewelry.


    A 401(k) is a retirement account, and it might be the safest place for you to invest in the future. When you are investing in one of these accounts, you need to make sure that you have a broker who will help you adjust the level of risk you want. When you are trying to hedge your investments, you can choose the most conservative investment plan so that you can protect your money.

    The 401(k) is a good investment for your retirement, and it might be a good place to keep your money if the market is fluctuating too much for you. You can pull out this money for future investments when the market stabilizes, and you can move money back to the 401(k) if you need to.

    Legacy Stocks

    Legacy stocks are so big that they will not drop in value in the near future. You can invest in legacy stocks like IBM, GE, or Amazon to make money in the future. You can invest in a stock that has been around for a long time like AT&T, and you might stay with these stocks because you want to choose consistently strong companies.


    You can invest in currencies, and you can speculate on the prices of these currencies every day. Currencies are good investments if you have chosen strong currencies that tend to grow every year. Plus, you can invest in the currency of an emerging economy. You can make a lot of money very quickly if the price of a currency jumps quickly. Plus, you can bet against some currencies that you know will drop in value.

    You can work with a broker to make sure that you are making wise choices. Plus, you should read the news every day so that you know if certain currencies are beginning to rise or fall. Your broker will do the same research, and they will let you know when you need to trade, buy, or sell your currency.


    Hedging your investments in 2020 is much easier than you might think. You can work with your broker to move your money to cannabis stocks, or you can move your money to the currency. You can move your money to legacy stocks that tend to remain stable, or you might choose precious metals. You are trying to keep your money safe in case of a recession, and you can even invest in your retirement if you think that is a safer way for you to protect your money.

    Invest at your own risk as opinions expressed in this article may not reflect that of New Theory Management.


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